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CL Is ‘SPICY’ In Her New Single! Plus 5 Songs You Should Know!

CL Is ‘SPICY’ In Her New Single! Plus 5 Songs You Should Know!

CL’s long-awaited comeback is here! The K-Pop Queen has released a music video for her new single ‘SPICY.’ She plans to release a second single in September before her album ALPHA comes out in October. 

ALPHA will be CL’s first full-length album as a solo artist, and the album is produced under her self-managed label Very Cherry. And we at THP have been so hyped for this album ever since CL first announced it late last year. With CL’s powerful rap and iconic chorus, the pre-release single ‘SPICY’ did not disappoint! 

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Ever since her debut in the legendary girl group 2NE1, CL has shown her amazing talents and versatility as a rapper and singer. She’s bold and charismatic. The realest. Here are five of CL’s solo songs you should know.

‘Hello B*tches’

You already know we had to kick off the list with this banger! ‘Hello B*tches’ is CL’s second solo single, released in November 2015 as a teaser for her Lifted EP. Much like CL’s new song ‘SPICY,’ these lyrics talk about her being the boss that she is, and we could not agree more!

As you can see, CL has always been this hot and spicy
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Hello B*tches’ Music Video, directed by Parris Goebel


Soon after leaving YG Entertainment in 2019, CL released six songs for her solo EP project In the Name of Love. All of the song titles have a date for when each one was written. ‘Rewind 170205’ is the second song on the EP, and it talks about CL wanting to start over and go back to before 2NE1 disbanded in 2016. ‘Rewind’ hits us right in the feels. 

‘One And Only’

‘One and Only 180228’ is the fourth song from In the Name of Love. At this stage of her career, CL starts to realize her worth, as she should! She knows there will only be one CL, and she has no need to pretend to be someone else. The beat is so addicting, and CL even shows off her dance moves in the music video! 

‘5 Star’

CL switches gears for a romantic pop song with ‘5 Star,’ released in November 2020. She really is one of the most versatile K-Pop artists today. The lyrics describe being in love and enjoying a person’s company so much that you feel like you’re dreaming. DPR Ian stars alongside CL in this music video, and their onscreen chemistry is absolutely adorable!

CL's '5 Star' and 'Hwa' will appear in her album ALPHA, along with 'SPICY'
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘5 Star’ Music Video, directed by Dream Perfect Regime team (DPR)

‘Wish You Were Here’

This emotional song is a tribute to CL’s late mother, who passed away earlier this year. She sings about processing the loss of her mother, reflecting on shared memories, and listening to old songs together. CL dedicates a compilation of photos and videos with her mother in her music video. And no, we’re not crying, why do you ask?

CL’s solo career has been put off too many times in the past, and we’re so excited to see her release her first full-length album ALPHA in just a few short months. She’s an amazing artist with relatable messages and such a wide range of music styles. So listen to CL’s empowering new single ‘SPICY’ today! 

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Featured Image Source: CL via Twitter

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