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Grace Davies Uncovers Her ‘toothbrush’ Left At Ours!

Grace Davies Uncovers Her ‘toothbrush’ Left At Ours!

She was born to be a superstar. We first heard about her through team Sharon Osbourne in 2017 at The X Factor. Right at this time, we fell in love with her sparkling vocals. Through a rocky road, she found her place and she brightens our days with her immense talent. Grace Davies pens emotions, poetry and poignant heartbreaking love stories. Fans of Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, we implore you to check out the insanely talented, Grace Davies!

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Grace Davies ‘toothbrush’ teaches us a great lesson in life. How to get over someone we can’t let go of? “What do I do if I meet someone else/And I kiss them wishing I was kissing you instead?” she sings in the dreamy synth-pop chorus. With the melancholic lines reminiscent of another of our current faves, Lola Young, the British singer pours her heart into a lovely, but upbeat sad lyrical song. Smart and sweet, her songs are fluid poems that shine like the sun. We can’t wait to catch these rhymes on tour!

How to write songs that tell stories we can relate to? Indeed, Grace Davies learned a lot through her latest productions ‘toothbrush, ‘testosterone’ and ‘i met a boy online.’ The connection with her fans is so important that she made virtual gigs for her Patreon members and continues to create stunning songs for them. And now as tours resume, we are so excited to catch up with her before her road trip with fellow label member, Janet Devlin, this fall.

Grace Davies
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We love the intimacy and specificity of your storytelling! Are there any artists who have inspired you to have that kind of lyrical vulnerability?
Thank you so much! Yes, absolutely! Julia Michaels had such an effect on the way I write and how “to the point” my lyrics are. I love not hiding behind metaphors and just telling it like it is. Maisie Peters is also a great inspiration lyrically.

Some of your songs, like ‘Just a Girl’ and ‘testosterone’ are pretty empowering. Why is it so important for you to show that vulnerable side of yourself?
I think I struggled for so many years thinking I was going through things alone and that no one had ever experienced the “unique” situation I was going through because no one ever spoke about it publicly. Since I realized that wasn’t the case, it has always been important to me to be relatable and honest and show my young fans that life isn’t perfect. We all have the same insecurities and struggles and by sharing our experiences we can all learn and grow together, while feeling less alone.

On your social media, we appreciate how you’re not scared to speak up about what’s on your mind, which advice would you give to people that follow you and listen to you, about using their voices?
I think the best bit of advice I was given was to never listen to anyone’s advice, haha! I think it’s so important to trust your gut and do whatever makes you happy. You should speak up when you feel like something isn’t right or isn’t exactly how you’d want it. Whatever situation that applies to, to be truly genuine and authentic, you have to be true to yourself. If you believe in something, speak on it. If you disagree with something, do something about it.

‘toothbrush’ is the first song you have co-produced! What was that adjustment like? Do you see yourself doing more in the future?
I’ve always had a producer’s head, just never an engineer’s hands. Production credits are something that has always frustrated me because I’ve always been so heavily involved in the production of my songs and often been the driving force behind the way that my music sounds. So, to not be credited because I didn’t physically print any files is undermining the work I have put into it.

When I was left to my own devices to produce demos during the lockdown, I took the time to teach myself production. I’ve become nerdy with plugins and actually give myself a shot at being a producer and therefore having a credit. I was determined to have my name above the door on every aspect of my music. I’m thankful to all the producers I have around me who have helped me achieve that.

Marcus Andersson co-produced the track alongside yourself. How would you describe the work between you two as it was your first time producing?
Marcus is a great friend of mine. I’ve been really good friends with his girlfriend Lauren Aquilina for many years, and he produced all of her new stuff with her – which is phenomenal by the way – so I knew he’d be up for doing it together and that he could churn out some incredible stuff. There’s no ego with Marcus. He’s just a genuine guy with genuine talent who will do whatever it takes to make the artist happy and a pleasure to work with.

You call ‘toothbrush’ your “getting over someone’s bop.” What is a song that you’ve used in the past to get over someone?
‘Thru These Tears’ – LANY. This song was actually a huge inspiration for ‘toothbrush’ when we first produced the demo, it’s “dance cry.” Sad AF but you still wanna dance, and I listened to this track over and over again while going through my breakup.

‘toothbrush’ is quite emotional and heartbreaking. What advice would you give to get over someone you’re too hooked on?
Oh ch*ist – I’m absolutely the wrong person to ask for relationship advice haha… But some things I’ve learnt along the way are: time is definitely a healer, never beg for someone back if they’ve broken it off – know your worth, and everything happens for a reason. It *does* get better!

Your songs featured in some big reality TV shows with a huge audience! How does that feel? Do you ever dream of soundtracking a drama or comedy at some point?
Absolutely mental. I’m the *biggest* Love Island fan! Genuinely, my friends and I have a viewing party every single night at 9pm in her loft, so it was a dream to hear myself on there. Geordie Shore, TOWIE, Catfish – it will never seem real haha! Oh my gosh, I’d absolutely love to soundtrack the saddest romance series ever haha – what a dream!

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Your fans have loved the online shows you’ve been doing! How important do you think it’s been to stay connected with fans?
So important! Especially during everything that’s happened the past year and a half, it made us feel like there was a live concert happening when we weren’t allowed out of the house. I also just love chatting with my fans and performing so it’s been really special for all of us and has been great practice for actually performing these songs live for the first time.

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You’re finally able to start touring again safely, and we saw that you’ll be on the road with Janet Devlin this autumn. Have you started preparing for those shows? What song are you most excited to perform?
I have started preparing yes! This will be the first time I’ve sung any of my released songs live, which is absolutely mental (I started releasing in January 2020, so basically all my songs are lockdown babies). I think I’m most excited to perform ‘Addicted To Blue.’ I know it’s a fan favourite and I just have so much fun singing it.

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Are you excited for Grace Davies UK tour? Don’t forget to stream her beautiful and heartwarming pop track ‘toothbrush’ here. There are lots of things to come for the wonderful singer-songwriter, so keep up to date here!

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