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The Lathums Say ‘I’ll Get Back’ Into Golden Poetry

The Lathums Say ‘I’ll Get Back’ Into Golden Poetry

We had such a heartfelt moment when we first heard this Wigan, England, indie band! The Lathums’ ‘I’ll Get Back’ is the latest teaser from the four-piece upcoming album How Beautiful Life Can Be. Ready for some sunshine and great joyful vibes?

The Lathums 'I’ll Get Back'
Image Source: Courtesy of Maintain Perspective PR

Drown In Positivity!

There is a strong bond in the North West England community. The Lathums’ ‘I’ll Get By’ video wants to show us the sparkles, action and fun had in the region, as the director James Slater explains: “I wanted the video to be a celebration of the different passions and personalities in the area where the band are from. A journey through a magical north. We hit some snags, including losing some Line Dancers, but somehow a troop of ballroom dancers answered our distress call and travelled from all across the North West to replace them and do the Cha Cha Cha!” Our new cast ended up including a wrestler, some figure roller skaters, northern soul dancers, an Elvis impersonator, a drag queen and some Alpacas.”

The filmmaker who previously worked on Baby Queen’s ‘Dover Beach’ and Inhaler’s ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ created a magic flow throughout! Life is such a rollercoaster, but we love the positive thoughts that come to our minds and it soothes us while we watch the official visuals of ‘I’ll Get By.’

Life Is Beautiful!

Oh, the road is long/But I’ve got you and you’ve got me/We belong anywhere we roam,” Alex Moore from the band serenades in The Lathums’ ‘I’ll Get By.’ No matter what happens, it’s possible to stick together and support the other in the difficult or good times! Let’s cheer to the new album coming September 24th, with the new single giving us a glimpse of How Beautiful Life Can Be.We love the guitar twinkles and folk melodies that bring so much comfort!

The tingly and hopeful lyrics help us to feel better and we can’t wait to catch their lovely beats live. Catch them supporting Blossoms and The Magic Gang across the UK. Experience the finesse of The Coral’s James Skelly’s production skills in a new dimension. Find all the details here! The indie poets are ready to roll with their new material that we are eager to hear! It’s sweet melodies to our ears. Preorder or pre-save How Beautiful Life Can Be now. Click here.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Maintain Perspective PR

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