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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Japanese Breakfast

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Japanese Breakfast

We here at THP love Japanese Breakfast. Lead by musician, director and author Michelle Zauner, this band has traversed the bounds of the indie rock genre. Michelle started creating music in 2013, garnering indie fans from the underground with her music before hitting it big on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Her bandmates Peter Bradley, Craig Hendrix, and Deven Craige may not be in the limelight, but they are the instrumental glue that push Michelle’s voice above and beyond. From popular singles like ‘Everybody Wants To Love You’ to studio albums like Psychopomp, Japanese Breakfast has soared through the music industry while also popping off on social media like TikTok. So without further ado, here are five reasons why you should stan Japanese Breakfast!

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1) Duh, Their Music!

Japanese Breakfast takes their music to the next level. Combining genres of indie rock, lo-fi, experimental pop and 80’s pop, they play with the conventions of music to take listeners on a dreamy trip. And, it doesn’t stop there. Michelle’s crisp and alluring voice draws you in while the raw sounds of the electric guitar, bass, and drums entrap you in their musical haze. Fan-favorites like ‘Road Head,’ ‘Boyish’ and ‘Be Sweet‘ illustrate what life can be like in the moment and get you in the groove. If you like songs that you could probably hear at your favorite hole-in-the-wall cafes, you’d definitely enjoy Japanese Breakfast’s discography.

2) Their Unhinged But Expressive Music Videos

You might have seen a fair share of “good” music videos, but you have yet to see ones that are out of this world. Japanese Breakfast serves viewers a plethora of emotions from anger to sadness using an array of vices. While they definitely don’t stray from delving into the disturbing, they’re not afraid to get a little goofy with over-the-top wigs and costumes. Alongside the retro-chic vibes and neon pops of color, the band also pays homage to Michelle’s Korean heritage. You can watch her rock out in a Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) in their music video ‘Everybody Wants To Love You.’

3) Michelle’s a Published Author

So you’re telling us that not only is Michelle a super talented musician and director, but she’s also a New York Times Bestselling author? Yup. This past April, Michelle published her debut memoir Crying in H Mart: A Memoir. With an unflinching voice, she covers her experience growing up as a Korean-American living in Philadelphia, grieving the loss of her mother and coming to terms with her personal and musical identity. Her work is so good that MGM’s Orion Pictures is set to make a movie adaption of it! If you’re looking for a piece that will make you laugh and cry, be sure to check out her memoir. You can order your very own copy here.

‘Crying in H Mart’ Set for Feature Adaptation at MGM’s Orion Pictures (Exclusive)
Image Source: Tonje Thilesen for Penguin Random House/The Hollywood Reporter

4) An Absolutely Insane Sense of Fashion

As much as Japanese Breakfast’s music slaps, we also can’t glaze over Michelle’s killer sense of style. In interviews and performances on Pitchfork, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Urban Outfitters Television and Munchies, Michelle dazzles viewers with statement pieces including embroidered canvas jackets, neon babydoll dresses, and gemstone-covered jumpsuits. Her intricate tattoos and piercings also accessorize her outfits, pulling together fun and flavorful looks. The clothing aesthetics are literally endless with Michelle!

Japanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner Remembers the 'Stinky Lunch' Moment
Image Source: Munchies via VICE
Not My Job: We Quiz Japanese Breakfast On 'The Breakfast Of Champions'
Image Source: Amy Harris for Invision and AP via NPR

5) Very Down-To-Earth

While many musicians may put on a facade for the audience, Japanese Breakfast shows no falsehood. Whether it be in interviews or on social media, Michelle is unafraid to express her identity and personality earnestly. She often pays homage to her Korean heritage, and spends a good chunk of her time directing emotional music videos and lyrics that hit home for listeners and viewers everywhere. Of course, she finds time to be silly with her bandmates and eat some dank Korean food. We can tell she’s in it to have a good time with the music she makes and the people she surrounds herself with.



There are many more reasons to love Japanese Breakfast. But to keep it short and sweet, here were just five reasons. If you’re ready to start rocking out with this sick band, let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that we can join the party!

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Featured Image Source: Tim Mosenfelder for Rolling Stone via Getty Images

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