Listen Up! We Have A New Darren Criss EP To Discuss

Listen Up! We Have A New Darren Criss EP To Discuss

It’s here! Darren Criss has released his Masquerade EP, and we are unable to contain our excitement! We’ve been longtime fans of Darren Criss (yes, we were gleeks) so seeing how he’s come into his own with Masquerade just warms our hearts. Masquerade is five tracks long, and each one sounds like its own musical venture, which keeps us as the audience on our toes wondering what we’ll hear next.

Stream Masquerade here!

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The lead single from Masquerade was, of course, ‘f*kn around.’ The lead track had us dancing around our rooms and screaming the words right along with Darren Criss. As soon as we heard ‘f*kn around,’ we automatically knew Darren Criss wasn’t coming to play with Masquerade. He is letting every part of himself come out in this music. From his absurd musical talent to his broadway background to his love for all things disco and jazz-infused.

When we look at Darren Criss, who we’ve all come to know and love on our screens, Masquerade makes perfect sense as the body of work he wanted to put out.

We love every track on Masquerade. No shock there! But, like with any body of music, we, of course, have our favorites! Aside from the lead single, which we’ve already gushed about, ‘for a night like this’ is our standout. We are pretty sure this track is straight out of our dream coming-of-age movie! ‘for a night like this.’

After this five-track project, we can only imagine how killer a full-length album from Darren Criss will be!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song off of Masquerade by Darren Criss? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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