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Lola Young After Midnight Thoughts Shines Down!

Lola Young After Midnight Thoughts Shines Down!

When the sun goes down and the moon shines on, we reflect on our lives. It’s the best time to ramble our thoughts, don’t you think? Lola Young got to the point since she releases her collection of four tracks, the After Midnight EP. The British songstress drops her feelings. Hear her joy, her worries, her sentimental struggles, and much more. You’ll have an emotional breakdown. It’s 110% sure!

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Mixed Feelings

She’s got the charms! Alongside the piano, Lola Young’s velvet voice and falsetto is a GRAMMY winner like Adele’s soft melancholic tones. The young singer-songwriter‘s dark lyricism bonds with exquisite melodies. “Baby when the sun comes up, I’m fine but when it goes down, I have to wonder why, you left me out so cold, oh, so cold, ” she starts at 1 AM. Loneliness is painful. Thoughts fly around at night. We wish we have someone to warm us on the title track ‘After Midnight.’

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The Lonely Blues

Later on, we feel the ‘Blue’ mood. Sadness and angriness growing intensively on us. At 2 AM, Lola Young is sick of being used when it suits the love of her life. “And the pain leaves/When you wear those blue jeans/Makes me wanna forget I’m supposed to hate you/And my heart hurts,” she croons with brutal harmonies. If you cried on Little Mix’s ‘Secret Love Song,’ get handkerchiefs because you’ll sob all Lola Young’s After Midnight EP. Let yourself go into these heartbreaking songs and the British singer heavenly vocals.

Dark Spirals

You stole the backbone of my mind,’ Lola Young sings on ‘Bad Game.’ Time runs out and her darker minds open up into the near acapella track. Her crystal voice shakes our emotions and we feel so much vulnerability in her musical piano lines. She closes the record with ‘Pill Or A Lullaby.’ “Do I hate me?/I don’t know/Wait, I don’t care/Did I leave the light on in the hallway?/Should I go check?” she soars on the thrilling song. We let out all our spirits to the broken hearts, but what about ourselves? Lola Young’s Birdy-inspired piano delicate notes give chills. Don’t miss the release of the After Midnight short film very soon because this will be epic and pure. To stream the EP, get tickets for live shows, and keeping up to date with the young prodigy, head over to Lola Young’s official website.

What do you think about after midnight? Tell us what’s your favorite track from Lola Young’s After Midnight EP? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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