More Than ‘Just Sound,’ State Champs Releases New Song & It’s Everything

More Than ‘Just Sound,’ State Champs Releases New Song & It’s Everything

State Champs, the NY Natives turned pop-punk phenomenon, release a new single, ‘Just Sound,’ but it’s more than that. It’s everything.

The latest track pleasantly stays true to the State Champs sound we all know and love. A flawless combination of scrappy pop-rock, reminding us of all the reasons we loved this band to begin with. With a perfected production, and better than ever vocals, the catchy chorus has us keeping this track on repeat.

The song was released alongside a music video where lead vocalist Derek DiScanio plays Bob Ross, the well-known well-liked American TV Painter. Check it out here:

State Champs – ‘Just Sound’

Coining the single “fast, catchy, and edgy,” we’re in complete agreement with DiScanio as he speaks on the new song, adding, “It feels amazing to be back, and we’re just getting started. ‘Just Sound’ is the perfect introduction to the new age of Champs.” As far as the lyricism in the song? Just subtle enough that he thinks you can figure it out on your own. So sit back, relax and give this one a spin, but most importantly, enjoy.

If you love what you hear as much as we do, there’s some seriously great news in store. State Champs hits the road next month to headline the 2021 Pure Noise Tour with support from labelmates Four Year Strong, Real Friends, Just Friends, and Bearings (learn more about these killer acts here). Grab tickets to the show here!

Now that we’ve delivered the new tunes, we want to know what’s on your mind—loving the single? Tell us why? Maybe Derek as Bob Ross is your thing? We’re not afraid to admit it. Talk to us! Comment down below or hit us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Alex Mcdonel

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