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You Know Which Artist Is ‘Hot Now?’ Anna Thompson That’s Who!

You Know Which Artist Is ‘Hot Now?’ Anna Thompson That’s Who!

Here at The Honey POP, we aren’t strangers to Anna Thompson and her insane talent! We loved getting a chance to talk with her a while back about her amazing music videos and her debut album, and we’re so blessed to get to talk to her a second time! We got to learn a little bit more about one of her new singles, her creative process, and what she would tell her younger self. Does she like creating music videos? What’s next in store? If you want to know more, you’ll have to keep reading!

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How did you find your interest in music and when did you know you wanted to pursue a musical career?
I’ve had an interest in music for as long as I can remember. I started in theatre at the age of 5 and have continued consistently performing since then. I can’t recall a moment in which I “knew,” it just felt as if the music was what I was supposed to do, by default.

Who or where do you find your inspiration for songwriting and who are some of your musical influences?
I’m inspired to write by significant things I face; things that happen to me that inspire love, sadness, excitement, etc. I have a lot of trouble writing if nothing in my life is stimulating enough. My writing has evolved a lot throughout my career. As a teenager, I listened to and performed a lot of rock music. That’s where I drew a lot of my writing inspiration. That led me to write a lot of 32 bar choruses, which don’t exactly fit the pop formula. So, when I moved towards pop music I had to completely unlearn all my writing habits and really reach to write a good pop song. It was such a relief to finally be competent in my writing as a pop artist.

What’s it been like getting to experience the release of your debut album? Have you changed anything about your approach to songwriting and releasing music as you work on new music?
The release of my debut project has been such a dream come true. We worked on Centerpiece for 8 months. Within that time, I got to become best friends with all of my collaborators. That project will always serve as a reminder of how we first met. Now that we’re all besties, the way we create is a bit different. My producers, photographers, stylists, all know me very personally now. The brand we’ve built together is polished, and professional. But since our relationships have grown, I’m further inclined to get more raw and personal in my music. I’m excited to start going to a more vulnerable place.

We love the colors and the vibe of the ‘Hot Now’ music video, how did you come up with the concept for the visuals?
As per usual, I tend to leave the visuals in the hands of the team. The video was produced by Giiirlband Productions. I brought one idea to Gemma Cross, the director, on our facetime meeting: I want to have a party with a bunch of girls. Luckily, Gemma had an extensive contact list of beautiful women to reach out to for the video. That shoot day was magical. I got to meet a bunch of amazing women, and dance around to my song all day. The video production was very DIY, too which was super fun. We used my mom’s camera and shot the entire thing in my house. For the opening scene, I sat in the back of the car belonging to Abby, the producer. We hooked up a fog machine and RGB lights to an extension cord and dragged them outside to the driveway. My neighbors were a bit confused by the whole production occurring outside their house, but the final product turned out great. 

Anna Thompson
Image Source: giiirlband productions

What’s your favorite part of the musical creation process? How involved do you like to be in the creative process for music videos?
My favorite part of the musical creation process is getting to listen to the final master. Lately, I haven’t been listening to anything I record outside of the studio. That way, when the master is finished, I get to listen to the record I’ve made somewhat blindly. It gives me a greater appreciation for it and prevents me from getting too used to the way a certain demo version sounds. In terms of visuals, I prefer to be the least involved as possible. It’s not what I’m here to do as an artist. I like to let the other creatives have full control. It turns out the best that way, in my opinion.

Is ‘Hot Now’ based on your own personal experiences from when you were younger?
‘Hot Now’ is based on the success I’ve found in music, versus my rather dismal high school experience. It’s strange having so much more attention on me than I did before. It also attracts a lot of disingenuous friendships. This record serves as a reminder to myself of how far I’ve come. I can do so much more because I’m “hot now.” I want this song to inspire listeners to remind themselves of the same thing.

Do you have any advice for fans who might be experiencing something similar?
My advice would be to always remain present, as you only get one childhood. But also keep in mind that a lot of what seems so important in your adolescence means next to nothing during adulthood. You will change so much. Let that happen. Everything will be okay.

5 years ago, did you picture yourself where you are now? What has your musical career experience been like for you?
5 years ago, I was a freshman in high school. I always pictured myself being a professional recording artist, but I had no idea how I’d achieve such things. So, I definitely imagined myself to be where I am now, though I don’t think 15 year old me would’ve fathomed a fraction of what it took to get here.

Anna Thompson
Image Source: giiirlband productions

What’s something you would like to achieve career-wise in the next year or so? 
I think something I’d like to achieve in the next year is to do more live shows! Once it’s safe, of course. It’s something I’ve never really done, nor do I know how to get into considering I started releasing music in the midst of a pandemic. I look forward to navigating the live music world once it’s safe enough to do so.

Since you’re ‘Hot Now’ and getting the chance to live your musical dreams, what’s something you’d want to tell your younger self?
I don’t think I would want my younger self to do anything, or know anything different. She managed to figure things out, and take the steps necessary to get me where I am today. Though, it would be pretty cool to be my younger self and see into the future. It’d be pretty miraculous to see where I am now from the perspective of the version of me that didn’t know what my future as an artist would look like.

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Listen, we love your pop sound Anna but we would love to hear some of those 32 bar chorus songs one day! You can also count us in for an Anna Thompson live show for sure. How amazing was this interview y’all? We loved getting to chat with Anna and hear how insightful her answers are. We hope that some of you can find inspiration and familiarity in her music too!

What do you think of Anna Thompson? Let us know your thoughts about this new song over on Twitter or in the comments! We love buzzing about music with y’all!

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Featured Image Source: giiirlband productions & Afnan Acharki – The Honey POP Graphics Team

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