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Olivia Rodrigo And The 2000s Elements She Uses And We Love!

Olivia Rodrigo And The 2000s Elements She Uses And We Love!

Has anyone recovered from Olivia Rodrigo’s surprise music video for ‘brutal’ this week? We know we haven’t. We love how she keeps coming up with new and creative ways to use 2000s-inspired elements in both her songs and music videos. Not only is it fun to watch in general, but it also brings an element of nostalgia for all of us who lived through the early 2000s that Olivia truly mastered.

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And because we’re completely obsessed with the 2000s aesthetic she uses, we’re here today to talk about our favorite music videos that have drawn inspiration from early 2000s elements that made us fall in love even more with an already amazing artist.

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Of course, we’d start this with ‘brutal.’ The whole video has some amazing 2000s elements to it. We start out with an intro that was clearly meant to remind us of those video games that were really popular in the 2000s, like Mortal Kombat, for example, even with the “select your player” screen in the beginning. And don’t get us started on the costumes and how they all could’ve been plucked from any of the 2000s iconic movies we all watched over and over as children. She even finished the video standing up on top of a car in the middle of a busy road. Iconic!

But the cherry on top is definitely the different designs that show up on people’s faces. Those little drawings, made with Apple Pencil and Procreate, make perfect sense for the 2000s look and even remind us of the SOUR album cover. Petra Collins, who directed the video, said the drawings were the best part of the process, and that definitely translates to the video. She also cited some inspirations for those drawings that came from older animation styles such as Nobuhiko’s hand-drawn animation Hausu, Invitation to the Dance (1956), and some old Disney movies. Perfection in music video form, really.

‘deja vu’

We don’t know about you, but we got a lot of 2000s vibes from the ‘deja vu’ music video. First, when Olivia shows up driving on the coast looking like she came straight out of a movie where the main character is going through some stuff and is driving to getaway. Then, there are the scenes inside the house where she’s surrounded by older TVs and the scenes playing seem to all have been inspired by different classic scenes in 2000s movies. What a queen!

The storyline of this music video is so good, with Olivia and Talia Ryder switching places constantly also give off the vibe of a thriller movie we would all love to watch. No seriously, if Olivia ever wants to transform that music video into a full-length movie we would all watch it.

‘good 4 u’

If we had to pick the most 2000s music video of Olivia Rodrigo’s career (so far), it would just have to be ‘good 4 u.’ The song even feels like it could’ve come out in 2006 or something, but the video! Oh, the video is just absolute perfection. It’s even filmed in 4:3 (the TV format we used to have back then), for goodness’ sake!

It’s also a lovely twist on the classic high school movies we all watched a million times (and still enjoyed every single one). We start out thinking Olivia is this cute popular cheerleader, and then, everything changes when she puts on the iconic black gloves and burns down what we assume is the bedroom of the boy who broke her heart. He probably deserved it, let’s be honest here. We also love how both his bedroom and hers in this video are covered in 2000s items everyone had in their own rooms. Can you tell we’re in love with this video?

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What was your favorite 2000s-inspired moment from Olivia Rodrigo’s music videos? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Petra Collins

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