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Still Woozy Told Us What´s Nice!

Still Woozy Told Us What´s Nice!

Buzzers all around the world, we had the chance to talk screen to screen with one of the singers you must add to your list of artists that make our lives better! We are bringing you all the tea our beloved Still Woozy told us!

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‘These Days,’ Still Woozy Owns Us

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Sven Gamsky, or better known as Still Woozy has been our little musical partner throughout lockdown. Bringing us a new vibe of indie and alternative sounds, he is opening a ‘Window’ in us that we are never gonna close.

Still Woozy is not just a musician that brings us songs we like, he is someone that is really taking us to another planet, and it is becoming a ‘Habit’ that we escape with him on a little ‘Vacation’ from reality. And after a big and anxious wait, we have finally gotten the chance to listen to his debut album If This Isn´t Nice, I Don´t Know What.

I feel like it represents kind of the spectrum I kinda want to pursue more, it´s kinda the toes tat I deep […]Still Woozy on his album

Listen to Still Woozy´s album HERE!

‘Lately,’ We Are In Love….

The perfect combination of lyrics, soundtrack, and feelings, is what Sven brought to our lives. Showing us what path the singer is following for his music, and we are loving everything he has done so far! We had the chance to find out a little bit about how his mind works, and we are trying to understand how much talent he is carrying!

I always write the melody first, something that touches and makes you feel stuff… I feel like that the hard work is in the melody […]

Still Woozy on his writing process.

Not just bringing us a masterpiece, Still Woozy touched us by making us feel identify with what his songs talk about. Mental health is what the album writes about, and our king gave us something that can help us leave our heads for a moment and help us to take ourselves more seriously and enjoy who we are… Still Woozy, we love you bestie!

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Purple For Luck

We know Still is a very unique human being, and there´s no doubt he has been showing us that throughout his career. Every sound, every lyric, and every idea he brings make us feel we have a friend some miles away from us that will be ready to comfort us with his music and give us advice that we need to hear. His debut album talks mostly about mental health, or as Still says that is “the key in the album.” We love someone that can understand what we have gone through, and he is truly someone we are happy to feel connected with.

Still Woozy told us two things that we are never gonna forget:
1. “Be you instead of copying people, try to be just yourself.”
2. “Purple is a lucky color, so everyone, we are changing our wardrobe palette to every tone of purple!”

We Wanna Become His Bestie!

We can´t wait to have the opportunity to hear the super mega-talented singer live on stage soon! And we are so excited to sing every and each of his lyrics so loud that in the other part of the world they can hear us. But we are not the only ones, our bestie is ready to see us too!

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I´m looking forward to this song and to bring them to people and see how people react to them. Those are the moments in the song and how people react to them, everyone responds in a different way to songs, and I´m excited to see that.

Still Woozy on touring

We are loving forever Still Woozy and we can´t wait to see him perform live! What are your thoughts on this amazing artist? Did you love his debut album as much as we did? Tell us everything in the comments and, don´t forget to vibe with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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