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The Bees Knees Busy At Work Playlist Is Here For You!

The Bees Knees Busy At Work Playlist Is Here For You!

How are you busy bees? We’re pretty excited to show you our latest discoveries because music is glowing these days. Many on the rise artists are stuck on our radar and we can’t wait to present you their amazing pieces of art! Get ready for some electro-pop, grunge, and beautiful bangers with The Bees Knees! Ready, get set, and scroll down for a magical trip!

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Middle Kids – ‘Stacking Chairs’

Do you need someone who’ll always support you? We could be like ‘Stacking Chairs.’ The Australian trio Middle Kids unveiled the video of their track recently. If you need a cute journey to creativity, this is your pit-stop! “When the wheels come off, I’ll be your spare/When the party’s over, I’ll be stacking the chairs/When the world turns on you, I will be there,” they sing on the catchy chorus that blows our mind. The visuals recreate this aspect and the concept of the whole song. Their longtime collaborator W.A.M Bleakley crafted a smart film where the band put their teamwork together!

Do you love to paint some mini-car models or build a train track? Middle Kids enter step by step into building a whole bond between them. They’ll be stuck like glue and always be there for each other. We also got a surprise for you! They are back on the road! Enjoy the lit electro-pop sounds live! Get your tickets for the North American tour tickets for September here! Don’t forget to buy or stream their album Today, We’re The Greatest too. Let your fingers slide here! Tell us what you think of the Bees Knees!


Rhythm is in the blood of the artist and producer THRILL YOU KILL YOU. On ‘Hotline,’ the retro influences from the late eighties clashes with the electro modern pop. With influences from the Grimes experimentations and the guitar-driven beats of Wolf Alice, feel the power! It’s easy to be hypnotized by the ones we have a crush on. They can feed themselves with our strengths and weaknesses, but we’re all still hooked on them. “Hotline to my heart/Straight shot to my mind/Hotline to my heart/It’s like you’re making me blind/Hotline to my heart,” singer and producer Fei-Fei blast in our headphones like a spell.

Bite the words and the poetry to enter a chaotic world. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! This song is pure addiction. We can’t get over the edgy synths and the syncopate bass drums at The Bees Knees. Stream ‘Hotline’ here and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming DJ sets, new songs, and more on THRILL YOU KILL YOU’s official website.

Bad Sounds Feat. Ruti – ‘You Moved Backwards’

Summer is still here for The Bees Knees with the palm trees and hot sun! On the radar band, Bad Sounds teamed up with Ruti on the new smashing track ‘You Moved Backwards.’ The Bristol band’s vibrant melodies seize us in between pop, 90s baggy, and steamy electro beats. Fans of Waterparks or Sea Girls will be attracted to the light and heartfelt lyrics. The mood booster instrumentation is a big thumbs up for us too!

Creative and groovy in a Gorillaz-like tempo, Bad Sounds and Ruti merge perfectly together in harmony. “It’s a different time/And you can’t change your mind/That’s right,” Bad Sounds comfort us with their unique falsettos. Things evolve and we need to follow the waves. Sometimes we can be afraid and we freeze to the new realities. The song translates our thoughts into beautiful beats. Step back to the past and stream ‘You Moved Backwards’ here.

Dylan – ‘Nineteen’

Drop everything and escape in the magic soundscape of new artist Dylan on The Bees Knees. “Do you remember my blue dress, hot mess/Coffee and the cigarettes/The late calls, bar crawls/Drinking so that we forget,” the young British singer croons on her latest hit ‘Nineteen.’ If you like crystal voices and breezy tracks, this song hints the nostalgia of being young and innocent.

As Ashe would say there is no ‘Moral Of The Story’ and being ‘Nineteen’ is a wonderful phase of freedom and fun, along with the heartbreaks and fond memories. The singer-songwriter twirls her new song with pop finesse. She brings carefree electronic bops and gives a voice to the young generation. The rising star supported YUNGBLUD in the past and it’s no surprise she gains views for her incredible art. Catch her on tour, stream, and let her trick you on the app you want here.

Abby Jasmine – ‘SOS’

Do you miss Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman era? Abby Jasmine new track ‘SOS’ introduced us to similar wholehearted beats. The fusion of melodic pop and R’n’B put us in such a trance. The track from this rising artist from Staten Island is on repeat. She opens the track with a metaphoric image of drowning. “I know I got something that’s real with you/I get tired of savin’ you, I ain’t no Superhuman, I need savin’, too/Every time I try to lay with you,” she cries with her Disney princess inspired-tones. We are not invincible as humans. Sometimes, we are so obsessed with our relationships that it’s hard to let go. If you like the deep soul of Jorja Smith, you’ll be stunned by her unflinching lyricism and soft vocals. Stream and buy the hypnotizing song here.

Freddie Future – ‘Loving You (So High)’

May we have this dance with you? Toronto-based Freddie Future knows how to make us move with his brand new track ‘Loving You (So High).’ The producer pop the disco with his recent single. Following the successes from Jonas Blue or Mabel club mixes, the dance floor is filled up with bangers. Freddie Future slight beats bring the good vibes! The rising artist gets the party started (hello P!nk!) with his upbeat and dreamy electro rhythms. “I get so high off loving you. So high, so high, so high” repeats over and attracts us like a magnet. Freddie Future productions will lead him to the top and we can’t wait to hear what’s in the bag for the next songs to come! Stream ‘Loving You (So High)’ to kick the fiesta with your good friends here.

Brooke Eden – ‘Got No Choice (Dave Audé Remix)’

These boots are made for Brooke Eden. The queer country rising star ‘Got No Choice’ to entertain us at The Bees Knees! We travel through some hybrid country and electro world on the new Dave Audé remix of her song. The Florida singer is so inspirational. Through her tough times, she now got the confidence to live freely as herself and having control over what she needs. Sometimes we ‘Got No Choice,’ but if we sacrifice and work on our minds, we’ll boost our energy to think with optimism. “Hearing gossip from my neighbors/We don’t fit on paper/From the bars to the church crowd/We’re the talk of the whole town,” she opens up on the second verse.

Brooke is now proud of her love for her new fiancée and encourages others to spread the LGBTQ+ love message and not be afraid of judgment from others. Dave Audé, who remixed the likes of Selena Gomez and Lizzo, movingly refresh the track. The elements of country-pop are still present in the background which was reworked with crystal clear synths that bring the summer breeze to our ears! Stream the remix here!

Almost Monday – ‘Cool Enough’

Am I cool enough/For your love/Sorry if I don’t fit your descriptionAlmost Monday seduce us this week on the chorus from their brand new single ‘Cool Enough.’ Do we live in that kind of dystopia where everyone wants to please everyone? Difference makes our world. We need to be unique! Accept yourself like YUNGBLUD preaches and admires the soft electro-pop from the alt trio from San Diego.

We feel a little bit of David Bowie sounds in that track and this psychedelic bubble is adorable. ‘Cool Enough’ is this groovy track we need for our fancy nights. Almost Monday are musical wizards catching our soul with their bright guitar gums and sweet thumping drums. Are you ‘Cool Enough’ to put that amazing track on your playlists? Click here to select your music service.

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Charlotte Day Wilson Feat King Princess, MeShell Ndegeocello And Amaarae – ‘Take Care Of You’

Top rising Canadian artist Charlotte Day Wilson teamed up with King Princess, MeShell Ndegeocello, and Amaarae for a superb and soulful rendition of her debut album track ‘Take Care of You.’ The Canadian singer unites in harmony with two great voices of different cultures that melt perfectly together. With jazzy tones and velvety vocals, the new version embraces the arms of the strangers who comfort us. “I’ll take care of you if, if you want me to/I’m always ready for your love,” they murmur along with the spellbound crafted deep melodies.

The grace of Celeste combined with the dreamy satin musical piano ventures widens the original version on ALPHA, Charlotte’s debut album. Her poetry and collaborative creativity show she’s one Canadian to stan! Get your copy of ALPHA here and discover a world of wonders! Buy or listen to the most exclusive edition on Amazon here.

Image Source: Norman Wong

Kitty Coen – Disco Lemonade EP

Yes-haw! Ride your horse and kick a fabulous adventure with Kitty Coen with her Disco Lemonade EP. She tells stories and creates poetic rhymes that Lana Del Rey fans will adore. opening tracks ‘Holy’ and ‘Dark Soul’ lead us to unveil our cowboy moods like Shania Twain or Kacey Musgraves. The Austin-born singer may have some Nashville-style inspiration, but she adds these experimental elements in ‘Lost in California.’ If you remember the dark web of trip-hop, you’ll find your space in this song.

Kitty Coen’s versatile side mixes plenty of styles and embroiled synths with flashy, sometimes discreet guitars. She shows her delicate truth on ‘Wave Side’ and ‘Fade.’ Diversity is the main focus for the singer-songwriter. The Disco Lemonade EP is close to the magnificent folk piece ‘That’s Alright’ with the harmonica that brings some peace to our rainy and stormy days. Stream or buy this fuzzy record here!

What inspired you amongst these tracks this week? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

New releases are quite busy these last weeks. Don’t miss a single thing of what’s buzzing for us! Click here for more bangers!

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