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Liam Payne’s Top ‘Sunshine’ Songs Of Our Lives!

Liam Payne’s Top ‘Sunshine’ Songs Of Our Lives!

We first got a glimpse of Liam Payne’s immense talent at The X Factor auditions in 2008. Since then, he has proven many times, what a sweetheart he is to his fans and what an incredible singer and songwriter he is, through the years. While we wait eagerly for LP2 and the follow up to Liam Payne’s ‘Sunshine,’ why not take a look at some previous songs that deserved to be singles? Jam with us below!

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‘Depend On It’

Our Liam Payne ‘Sunshine’ idol can be sensitive too. In 2018, the wolfie made a true gift for his fans with First Time EP. Along with R’n’B bops, he created a piano ballad that took all of us by surprise. Tearful and painful, he put all his guts and his soaring vocals on the track ‘Depend On It.’ Have we all cried over these lyrics? “We used to be lovin’, touchin’, kissin’, fu**in’/Like our lives depend on it/How we get to lyin’, cryin’, always fightin’/Like our lives depend on it,” he croons with his angelic voice. Will Liam give us more of these delicate sounds in the future? We hope so!


We know it’s a fact that Liam Payne loves rap. No onlt that, but he’s also shown his amazing beatboxing skills. When LP1 came out in December 2019, there were so many versions, that we could have gotten lost. There were three bonus tracks on the Japanese one, and ‘Trouble’ is one of our musical crushes. The track is produced with previous Demi Lovato and Sabrina Carpenter collaborators Trevorious and OAK. We feel the trebles that play tricks with our minds and the big subtle raps mixed with R’n’B tones. ‘Trouble’ is beautiful as Liam hums in the chorus! Let’s move your hips and listen below!


While we speak of rap, Liam explored this world especially when he tried to find his way solo before the hit single ‘Strip That Down.’ On a trip to LA, he met Juicy J, TM88, and Wiz Khalifa, to create the fun and romantic beats of ‘You.’ The British singer provided his heavenly clear falsettos which always charm us right away! “All I need is you/See anything you want/Anything you want girl,” he seduces with his sultry vocals. We still have it on repeat!

‘Home With You’

Yes, we want to get back ‘Home With You’ Liam! This track leads us to brighter and lovely days. “I wanna go home with you/Yeah we can do whatever you want to/Come on and set the mood,” he sings flawlessly, changing the notes and crafting a cool melody with his versatile vocals. This song should have been on the radio charts. We can thank the fire team up with Justin Tranter, the master behind Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande‘s big hits, for bringing this joy to our lives. ‘Home With You’ is perfectly flirty and we give it a massive thumbs up!

‘Say It All’

On LP1, we had lots of fun and catchy beats on many tracks like ‘Tell Your Friends’ or ‘Stack It Up.’ Though, Liam Payne showed his vulnerability too on ‘Say It All.’ There’s always a glimpse of hope in life or, as he says in that paradisiac melodic adventure, “there’s beauty in these broken walls.” Are we drooling about the incredible high note at the end? Of course, yeah! ‘Say it All’ was destined to be a single! Liam Payne’s vocals slay as always on this track and he is so solid as he interprets the story full of emotions.


This is the track off LP1! This love song is pure excellence! ‘Remember’ is such a romantic track, where you are so in love with someone that you will do anything for them. “You gave me so much to remember/You got me stuck inside my mind,” he sings with his signature high notes that bring us to heaven! Despite not being credited officially on the track, Liam Payne gave us a backstage glimpse at The LP Show last year. Indeed, he showed us a video where he played guitar and enjoyed shirtless studio time as a throwback moment from 2019. What a gift to the fans! Can we sign a petition for guitar or piano Liam on stage in the future?

‘Tell Your Friends’

Latin America loves Liam Payne. There’s evidence of that as he works on his moves, and it’s one of the reasons why we adore ‘Tell Your Friends.’ It’s part meringue, part pop track, and is full of swag. We just want to imitate Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ choreography while listening to our prince of Wolverhampton singing this song. Along with ‘Familiar,’ it’s probably the hottest song he ever sings on stage!

‘Before It Ends’

We talked about the Japanese version of LP1, but let’s say Target stores in the US got on the bandwagon too, for the release. They unveiled two exclusive songs ‘Hurting Me’ and ‘Before It Ends.’ Honestly, the latter should have been on the regular album since fans absolutely adore the interpretation sensibilities and ballad-inspired Liam Payne. The song is about losing the love of our lives while we can’t figure out why, and trying to make it up. We feel soft when listening to the heartfelt lines and the magical falsettos that made us love the singer from Wolverhampton.

‘Heart Meet Break’

Penned by collaborators of Jason Derulo, Lil Wayne, John Legend, and more, ‘Heart Meet Break’ is that deep R’n’B dark pop track. We sink in Liam Payne’s low tones and light harmonies on this heartbreaking song. The grooves hit hard and we loved the live versions on The LP Show, where he performed this with his brilliant vocals. He’s a true showman! This song may be sad lyrically, but Liam Payne’s ‘Sunshine’ side is smashing it on the melody. It’s comforting and we know we are not alone in our struggles and broken relationships.

We lately talked about Liam Payne’s ‘Sunshine’ state of mind shining through with his relationship with the fans on socials. Last year and even now, we deal with pandemic difficulties and he makes us smile. How can a simple recipe go so viral? easy, let Liam Payne write and sing it with his seductive voice and a cowboy look, and you’ll get the prize! When’s the full song, king?

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Did you download or are you streaming his latest track ‘Sunshine?’ It’s not too late, you can press play here! Which vocal style do you like best on our versatile king? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

Liam Payne is our sunshine.
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