Kate McGarry And Keith Ganz Bring The Sun!

Kate McGarry And Keith Ganz Bring The Sun!

What To Wear In The Dark? Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz find a little bit of sunshine in this as they teamed up on the upcoming album out on September 3rd. For the occasion, they released good vibes and reworked The Beatles classic ‘Here Comes The Sun.’

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Positive And Unique

Did you ever imagine hearing your heartwarming pop song in a completely different way? Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz revamped classics from the vault in such unique vibes. They let Leonard Cohen’s enter our lives like never before on their rendition of ‘Anthem.’ Now, they keep the pace with George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes The Sun.’ We can all agree on how his songwriting was divine and inspiration within The Beatles and solo. The Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz version is a breath of fresh air with the brass instrumentation and the magical sea of drums and jazz guitars. We always knew that the original song is perfect for a smooth road trip and George Harrison would be probably proud of this new breezy version. Soaking into the brilliant vocals, we immerse ourselves into another world.

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Inspirational Jazz

‘Here Comes The Sun’ is only a glimpse of the whole Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz upcoming What To Wear In The Dark? record. The invigorating version is one of the beautiful jazz-style cover-centered albums! Amongst classics from The Eagles and Steely Dan, Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz are allies for exhilarating pieces. The music flies high in the sky with soft hums and perfect melodies for our quiet nights! Relive the best classics you used to listen to with a different and positive happy twist. Soothing for the soul, you’ll appreciate the strings arrangements and amazing dreamy vibes. Preorder or pre-save What To Wear In The Dark? from your preferred platform here!

What would you do to bring the sun around to your loved ones? Do you have any thoughts about this Beatles cover? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

The Beatles inspired many of us! If you wish to know more and enjoy the sounds of the new generation hit your fingers here!



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