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Mamamoo Online Concert WAW And Upcoming Album!

Mamamoo Online Concert WAW And Upcoming Album!

K-Pop girl group Mamamoo have just hosted their first online concert, which was held in support of their latest EP titled WAW (Where Are We). The mini-album was released in June and is a commemoration of the group’s seventh anniversary. We can’t believe it’s already been seven years since these vocal queens debuted!

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Mamamoo Online Concert Teaser
Image Source: RBW Entertainment, Mamamoo (Left to right: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, Hwasa)

Mamamoo’s online concert streamed on August 28, 7 PM (KST) via KAVECON, a live-streaming service. During the time of the concert, however, many fans were unable to access the stream. Those who were able to view the concert faced some problems, but we at THP didn’t let that stop us from supporting our girls!

From what we could see, the concert featured many of the group’s tracks from their latest comeback all the way to their debut, including ‘Where Are We Now,’ ‘AYA,’ ‘HIP,’ ‘Egotistic,’ and ‘Mr. Ambiguous.’ Mamamoo divided the setlist into four different eras: childhood, adolescence, maturity, and the present. The group has such a wide range of music styles based on the setlist alone! Here are some of the best moments from Mamamoo’s online concert.  

Mamamoo Online Concert Teaser 2
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

Mamamoo’s Medley

The second set of songs represented the era of Mamamoo’s adolescence. As such, they sang a medley of throwbacks like ‘Freaking Shoes,’ ‘Words Don’t Come Easy,’ ‘Emotion,’ ‘Funky Boy,’ and ‘You’re The Best.’ These nostalgic performances were things we didn’t know we needed until this online concert!

‘Eclipse’ X ‘My Star’ Mashup

After we finished fangirling over the throwback songs and the live band, Mamamoo hit us with the instrumental for ‘Eclipse,’ which is Moonbyul’s latest solo release. All of us were already hype when we thought we were going to see the quartet perform ‘Eclipse,’ but we got an amazing mashup with ‘My Star’ instead! Nobody saw that coming, but we’re so here for it!

‘Piano Man’ Performance

Only a few months after their debut with ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ in 2014, Mamamoo released ‘Piano Man.’ This iconic swing song never gets old, and their performance still blows us away. There’s a long list of reasons why Mamamoo are praised for their live vocals, and ‘Piano Man’ is on that list. *chef’s kiss*

Solar’s Magic Trick

We can easily tell how much thought and preparation went into this concert. Solar took several pieces of cloth with the words “We,” “Together,” “Always,” and “Stage” on each of them. She shook them up inside a magic bag and revealed a banner saying, “We’ll always be together on this endless stage.” 

This message is so meaningful to MooMoos and reassures us that this is not the end of Mamamoo, even after hearing news of Wheein leaving their agency.

Screenshot of Mamamoo Online Concert 'WAW'
Image Source: Screenshot of Mamamoo Online Concert WAW via KAVECON

Previews Of Two New Songs

Shortly after Mamamoo announced their September comeback, they performed two new songs titled ‘Happier Than Ever’ and ‘Mumumumuch.’ A clip of the hidden track ‘Happier Than Ever’ was used in the Mamamoo online concert teaser, while ‘Mumumumuch’ will be part of the new release next month. MooMoos, are we doing ok?

Mamamoo’s upcoming best-of album will be a compilation featuring new versions of past title tracks and B-sides. Let’s be real, though, Mamamoo will have a hard time picking which songs are their best songs. And while it’d be difficult to include their whole discography on one album, here are five songs we’d love to see on it!


What do you do when you catch feelings and don’t know how to deal with them? Listen to ‘Emotion,’ a catchy love song from the group’s first studio album Melting released in February 2016.

‘I Love Too’

It just feels right to include this song on their newest album! ‘I Love Too’ is a B-side track from the Memory EP released in November 2016, and the lyrics talk about Mamamoo’s love for their fans, affectionately dubbed MooMoos.

‘Wind Flower’

‘Wind flower’ is the title track of the BLUE;S EP, which was released in November 2018. It talks about the feelings of emptiness following a breakup and the hopes of getting better day by day. We think it’s one of their best title songs, which was not an easy decision!

Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Wind flower’ Music Video, directed by Won Ki Hong and Haejin Lee

‘Eclipse’ X ‘My Star’

We’d love to see the concert version of ‘Eclipse’ and ‘My Star’ on the new album! ‘Eclipse’ is the hype title track of the Dark Side of the Moon EP, which was released in February 2020 by Mamamoo’s main rapper Moonbyul. And ‘My Star’ is part of Mamamoo’s White Wind EP released in March 2019. It’s crazy how well these songs sounded together!

See Also

‘Hello Mama’

‘Hello Mama’ is an underrated B-side track from the group’s second studio album Reality in Black released in November 2019. The ballad reflects on the times where we might miss our parents and think of them suddenly. It’s a tearjerker for sure.

While we couldn’t see our beloved Mamamoo perform in person, this concert most likely won’t be their last. Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa may also choose to focus on their solo activities after their September comeback. Whatever the case, we’ll be waiting for their return to the live stage and their upcoming album! Happy seventh anniversary to Mamamoo and fellow MooMoos out there!

What songs would you like to see on Mamamoo’s new album? Let us know on Twitter! You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: RBW Entertainment

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