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The Summer Set’s ‘Street Lightning’ Took Us By Storm

The Summer Set’s ‘Street Lightning’ Took Us By Storm

Attention all fans of The Summer Set THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! Remember we recently said we’d love to see a TSS reunion? Well, it looks like we may have manifested something besties because The Summer Set is back baby! Earlier this week, we were unexpectedly gifted with The Summer Set’s ‘Street Lightning,’ their brand new single. If you saw us screaming about this song….no you didn’t. But seriously, what TSS fan wasn’t excited to hear that the band is back?

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The Summer Set ‘Street Lightning’

‘Street Lightning’ has The Summer Set’s trademark sound. Reminiscent of tracks like ‘Lightning in a Bottle,’ ‘Maybe Tonight,’ or ‘Jean Jacket,’ ‘Street Lightning’ has the same soaring, heart-pumping adrenaline to it as many of the band’s previous tracks. The Summer Set’s music garners a certain kind of inspiration and introspection, the kind that makes you want to chase your dreams, make your move, and shoot for the stars. This track is no exception, conjuring up images of dancing in the street, living life in the fast lane, and memories of that one person, “romancing what might have been.” The Summer Set’s ‘Street Lightning’ sent a shockwave through us that we just can’t let go of. Nostalgia brought us back, ‘Street Lightning’ is what kept us here, stanning The Summer Set for life. Look, there we are.

The Summer Set Street Lightning
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For a lot of us, we grew up listening to The Summer Set. This was one of those bands that kept us going, giving us the soundtrack to growing up and having the perfect track for every emotion that came with that. Now, as so many of us have grown up and moved forward in our lives, having The Summer Set drop new music to get us through has been a healthy dose of serotonin and nostalgia.

Speaking Of Nostalgia, Band Members Brian & Stephen Had A Lot To Say About The Summer Set’s Return.

We’re not gonna lie, reading these posts made us a tad bit emotional. Okay, it made us very emotional. The Summer Set’s return is going on the list of things that happened in 2021 that felt like a step forward, out of the darkness and depression of last year and one step closer into the light. Is the world perfect again? Nope. But we have The Summer Set and so many more of our faves coming back and we couldn’t be happier.

Not only did we get a new song, but The Summer Set will be back to playing live again sooner than you know it! You can catch them at the 8123 Fest in January 2022. Side note: how crazy is it that we’re so close to 2022? You can check out more info and get your tickets to that here.

How do you feel about ‘Street Lightning?’ Are you as excited as we are that The Summer Set is back? Let us know in the comments below or come buzz with us on Twitter, we’d love to hear from you!

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