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We’re Vibing To Jeremy Shada And ‘This Feels Right’

We’re Vibing To Jeremy Shada And ‘This Feels Right’

Can you hear our hearts fluttering with joy? Jeremy Shada has dropped a new 70s inspired pop single, ‘This Feels Right,’ and we are all smiles! Ever since we saw Reggie in Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms, all we wanted was for him to be real, and Jeremy listened. Even more so, he made this a gift that keeps on giving. Listen to ‘This Feels Right’ here!

Image Source: Jeremy Shada via Instagram

‘This Feels Right’ is the perfect feel-good bop that made us want to jump out of our seats and dance along. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and the Bee Gees, the new single talks about finally finding the right person for you and the euphoric comfort of knowing you are right where you need to be.

‘This Feels Right’ is a love letter to my wife as well as a love letter to upbeat ’70s pop songs!

Jeremy Shada on ‘This Feels Right’

Awwww! This one will surely be on heavy rotation at the THP camp!

As if his out-of-this-world vocals were not already enough to make us go gaga over ‘This Feels Right,’ Jeremy also released the sweetest music video ever.

‘This Feels Right’ Music Video Is The Cutest Visual On The Web Today

Okay, hear us out! Jeremy and Carolynn Shada are taking the prize for the most adorable pair on Earth right now! Filmed inside the magical world of Disney, the music video follows Jeremy and his wife Carolynn having fun together. There was not a single moment where we were without smiles while watching this. Watch the music video below:

I wanted the music video to be fun, upbeat, basically just me and Carolynn running around and having fun. Since the song is such a “70s throwback,” I wanted the video to feel almost timeless, and there’s no better place for a magical timeless vibe than Disney World, ha! We had a blast shooting the video. We went to Disney with my brother-in-law Carson (who co-directed and was our main cinematographer) and his fiancé. We just put our weekend getaway on video. Sometimes mixing work and play is the best!

Jeremy Shada on ‘This Feels Right’ music video

With the debut album VINTAGE on the way, landing on October 1st this year, it sure will be an exciting ride alongside Jeremy. A collection of 12 autobiographical vignettes fusing pop music’s greatest eras, this album will redefine romance in the modern age. We are so thankful that Jeremy has more bops like ‘Dancing With Strangers‘ and ‘This Feels Right’ in store for us to vibe to!

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Featured Image Source: Bernardo Noguiera

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