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4 SHINee Key Songs That Deserved To Be Singles

4 SHINee Key Songs That Deserved To Be Singles

Shawols and Lockets please raise for our national hero. SHINee‘s almighty Key has finally returned to us after two and a half years. ‘I Wanna Be’ seems like it dropped yesterday but so much has happened since then, enlistments, a pandemic, and SHINee’s grand return in February. But now Key is gearing up for his new solo album, slated to be out in September and we cannot wait! Luckily, the singer just released a pre-release single ‘Hate that…’ featuring SNSD’s Taeyeon for all of us to enjoy.

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The R&B duet is absolutely beautiful and we have never seen nor heard Key this vulnerable and Taeyeon suits Key’s voice so well. The lyrics of ‘Hate that…’ are for all of us out there getting over a breakup right now and the music video really captures the melancholic atmosphere of the lyrics perfectly. This is yet another banger Kibum!

Stream ‘Hate that…’ here.

With Key’s new solo album not too far off (a little birdy called Kibum told us September 27th is the day), and ‘Hate that…’ to keep us going until then, we were wondering which other Key songs deserved to be singles but ended up just being b-sides. Come along while we have a look at four Key songs that deserve to have their time to shine!

‘This Life’

‘This Life’ is an absolute dance bop! The lyrics are half in English and half in Korean and it works so well. This song gets us up and dancing every single time we listen to it. ‘This Life’ really deserved to be a single!

‘Good Good’

‘Good Good’ is well-loved among Shawols and Kibum even graced us with phenomenal live performances of it. Why it wasn’t made a single we don’t know but it really deserved to be one! It’s just too ‘Good Good.’


One of Key’s slower bops is ‘Imagine,’ but still, it is just as good as the rest of the songs on this list. There is just a certain groove to this song and the build-up to the chorus and electro elements during it make ‘Imagine’ feel so special! Truly single-worthy.

‘City Girl’

We had to pick a song from Key’s Japanese discography. ‘City Girl’ is an absolute banger of a song and deserves much more appreciation than it has gotten so far. This is a city pop bop for the books! Making it a single could have done the trick popularity-wise.

While Key’s discography is still quite small it is very close to perfection and so versatile. Thankfully, there is nothing standing in the way of more new Key music now! We are ready, give us everything king!

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What’s a song by Kibum you wish would have been a single? What do you think about ‘Hate that…?’ Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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