Get Ready For Dug Days!

Get Ready For Dug Days!

After we first met Dug in the legendary Pixar film, Up, he has become one of the most beloved furry friends in the Pixar universe. Honestly, who could ask for a better travel companion! Luckily for us, Pixar knows exactly what we’ve been wanting. To celebrate International Dog Day and our favorite pups, the trailer of Dug Days premiered on August 26. Check out the full trailer here!

The Dug Days trailer brings back tons of nostalgia for us Pixar fans. With appearances from Carl, Russell, and Dug’s favorite squirrel, we’re instantly taken back to the original movie. Directed by the voice of Dug himself, Bob Peterson is the mastermind behind these shorts, being both the writer and director. We cannot wait to see how Dug’s vision has been kept alive through all of these years!

So, get ready to have a watch party! We’ll bring the grape soda! All of the five, new Dug Days shorts will debut on Disney+ on September 1st. Disney+ has truly given us tons of treats this summer, and we cannot wait for what else is in store!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Disney+

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