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Johnny Marr Shares His Fever Dreams On New Record!

Johnny Marr Shares His Fever Dreams On New Record!

He’s the guitarist who inspires a whole bunch of our favs! Johnny Marr kicked off his career with The Smiths and now has a flourishing solo career! He worked in many bands like Modest Mouse, Electronic with his pal Bernard Sumner from New Order and even produced tons of bangers like Billie Eilish‘s ‘No Time To Die’ with Hans Zimmer and from The Cribs. Now, Johnny Marr’s Fever Dreams Pt 1-4 are so real that he unveiled a new single and plans to release an EP in October along with a new double album later.

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Keep The Spirit!

Johnny Marr’s Fever Dreams Pt 1 arrives October 15th with his electro-synth beats and smashing guitars. The Manchester singer-songwriter gifted us the first track from the EP today. Listen up to ‘Spirit, Power And Soul’ now. We can guarantee this will haunt you for the rest of your life. “Now it’s starting to dawn/What in the world’s going on?/I seen some shimmering things/Seen a vision in things,” he sings in the second verse, questioning the weird vibes we had in the past years like his British compatriot Damon Albarn.

The dark comes and goes and with music, we can overcome the bad things! Johnny Marr is on fire! This new track is kind of a mix between Primal Scream’s Screamadelica and Psychedelic Furs melodies. Of course, we hear the genuine sounds of The Smiths as he can’t deny his musical roots. On top of that, there are some elements of Northern Soul we catch on! We’re so addicted!

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Spirit, Power And Soul’ is a kind of mission statement. I had an idea about an electro sound with gospel feeling, in my own words… an electro soul anthem.

Johnny Marr explains about his latest track ‘Spirit, Power And Soul.’

Killer Guitars!

We would be able to get a little taste of Johnny Marr’s Fever Dreams Pt 1-4 new material on the road soon as he embarks on a small headline tour in the UK. He will also support The Killers in 2022. The man is keeping himself busy and we won’t complain! Get your tickets and all the details here. We can’t wait to hear live renditions of these power guitar sounds twisted with electronica smashing vibes. The riffs explode in some unbeatable rhythmics that haunts us obsessively. Johnny Marr’s ‘Spirit, Power And Soul’ is only the first track out and it’s so infectious! Preorder the Fever Dreams Pt 1 EP here while waiting for the whole double-album coming soon near you!

What brings you ‘Spirit, Power And Soul?’ Does Johnny Marr’s Fever Dreams part 1 cool guitar soothes you? Stream the new single here and let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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