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K-POP HOTSPOT: August 2021 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

K-POP HOTSPOT: August 2021 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

What do you mean we only have four months left until it is 2022? Where has time gone?! Well, time flies when you are having fun and this month was packed with loads of fun comebacks and debuts! That means it is time for THP’s very own K-Pop roundup! We are here to bring you coverage of comebacks we especially enjoyed this month and releases you might have missed. We get it August was pack but make sure to check out the comebacks we already covered such as SUNMI, Stray Kids, ONF, ASTRO, The Boyz, WayV’s Ten, Red Velvet, CIX, ATEEZ, TXT, Cravity, M.O.N.T, VERIVERY, SHINee’s Key, and CL

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Now, buckle up for many more amazing comebacks and debuts that happened last month!


Not only is Golden Child back with their second comeback of 2021, but also with their second full-length album, and boy they did not disappoint! ‘Ra Pam Pam’ has this refreshing yet powerful feel to it with its Latin rhythm and catchy melody. The music video is a whole thing on its own: no one takes on a post-apocalyptic concept like Golcha does. And with a mix of sub-units and full-group songs, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that Game Changer has absolutely no skip and it truly feels like, well, a game-changer in Golden Child’s discography.


What you waiting for?’ A SOMI comeback, and it’s finally here! ‘DUMB DUMB’ is one of the bops of the summer! We love the contrast between the light verses and that dirty bassline in the chorus, plus the brightness of the track is perfect for SOMI’s personality and style.


Rocket Punch graced us with a banger of a Japanese debut! The rookies released their first Japanese mini-album on August 4th and the catchy title song has been stuck in our heads ever since. ‘Bubble Up’ is the perfect debut for the girls and we can’t wait to see what their future holds. Also, how fun does that music video look?!


After the huge success of ‘After School,’ it is needless to say that a lot of people were waiting to see what Weeekly would do next, and even with that pressure, these girls did not disappoint at all. ‘Holiday Party,’ the title track of their fourth EP Play Game: Holiday, is simply pop perfection. These girls keep getting better and better, even the b-sides are incredible, and they keep proving they’re one girl group that everyone should be stanning.


Our prayers have been heard and ONEUS finally released the studio version of ‘Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!,’ and with the coolest video ever. We’ve been waiting for the release of this pre-debut song for so long it’s insane to think it’s finally here, and as part of none other than the ONEUS THEATRE series – this time with a Mad Max concept, showing their insane abilities as performers. Yes, it’s been a while but this absolute masterpiece was definitely worth the wait.


Our favorite SNSD idol turned DJ member has returned to us with one of the catchiest singles to date. ‘SECOND’ ‘Dessert’ for everyone! Up and coming singer BiBi is an absolutely welcome addition to the song and takes us a second to digest! Her rap verse was what killed us in the end.


You thought BDC was done with their retro series? You and us, we all thought wrong! The trio surprised us all with their special single ‘Moon Walker’ this month and man is that a bop! We don’t get nearly enough deep house elements in K-POP songs these days and ‘Moon Walker’s’ chorus is everything. But the real question is when will people start sleeping on beds and not BDC?


For Triple Seven’s debut, they released ‘PRESENTE’ and from the start, you can hear the reggaeton inspiration. And not only is the title in Spanish, but the group also released a Spanish version of the song! It’s honestly such a good track to release out as a debut project, which combines K-Pop groups B.I.G and 3YE because it stands out amongst the other KPOP releases. Every member really stands out in the track and easily shows off their talent. And whew don’t even get us started on the Spanish version, it’s amazing, and we’re hoping for more Spanish tracks from the group in the future.


Ever since Sistar‘s disbandment, we have been absolutely craving for new summer queens to take their spot, but no one can do it as Sistar did it for us all these years. Obviously, this surprise collab between members Dasom and Hyolyn absolutely proves it and we can’t believe we are seeing the day. When they ask ‘Summer or Summer?’ We can’t help but scream summer at the top of our lungs!


Talk about a collab! Ryan Juhn has made quite the name for himself by producing many of our favorite bops but ‘Maniac’ has to be our new favorite. NCT members Haechan and Doyoung finally got to show us their smooth vocals on their own with this song, giving us yet another iconic NCT duo. ‘Maniac’ makes for a fantastic summer bop.


The king of R&B is back! Park Jihoon has blessed our eyes and ears with his fourth mini-album My Collection and its title song ‘Gallery’ this month. The groove in this jam is no joke and while ‘GOTCHA’ was James Bond-level bad*ss, ‘Gallery’ is the opposite. Why is Jihoon never ever missing with his music? We really can’t believe how far the singer has come since his Produce 101 and Wanna One days!


Unripe Love by N.CUS contains three tracks, title track ‘Get Out,’ ‘Midnight,’ and ‘Get Out instrumental.’ With ‘Get Out,’ we haven’t been able to get it out of our heads. It’s so catchy and has nice EDM sounds, making us realize why it’s the title track! Also, the flows during the rap parts easily became standouts in the track, making them our favorite parts. With ‘Midnight,’ it’s just so beautiful and soft, we quickly fell in love with the group’s vocals. They are just so lovely, Unripe Love is just so lovely.


There’s something about the way Pentagon tries new sounds and always ends up creating a masterpiece, and ‘Cerberus’ is the perfect proof of it. We didn’t know how much we needed a sub-unit of Kino, Wooseok, and Yuto until now. The somewhat aggressive hip-hop track lowkey makes you want to break something for no reason, and it is so catchy and addictive. And besides that, they embodied the concept and the aesthetic so well in the fun yet dark music video they released alongside the digital single. It is the perfect song to listen to while we wait for a full comeback!


Yes, Lucy’s last comeback wasn’t too long ago but it’s never too soon for new Lucy music! ‘Irrelevant Answer’ is an upbeat song that feels rockier than any other song in their discography, especially with its fast and prominent drums. While staying fresh and new, ‘Irrelevant Answer’ still has that Lucy flare that we absolutely adore and make their music a true blessing in our lives!


2021 is all about unexpected reunions! This time we get a small 4Minute reunion by Gayoon and Jenyer collaborating on the beautiful ballad ‘Soop.’ We had to dry our endless tears after the song was over and immediately hit play again. We never thought we’d ever see them sing together again and it makes us miss 4Minute even more.


What’s better than a Seori and eaJ collab? Another one of them! With her distinctive angelic vocals and musical talent, Seori has become one of Korea’s most renowned R&B artists. Day6’s eaJ has returned the favor after the dreamy ‘It just is’ and hopped on Seori’s new track ‘Dive with you.’ The pair once again work so well together, but the song is definitely stamped with Seori’s distinctive storytelling and romantic R&B style. Together, they created a romantic ambiance as their vocals complimented well with each other. Their music seamlessly combines pure longing with a soothing, mellow beat. The song describes a desire to open up to your lover and have a perfect life together which they call their “paradise.” Seori is a truly talented artist who deserves success in every aspect. We can’t wait to see more from her.


T1419 are back to prove they are rookies to pay attention to! ‘Flex’, the title of their new album BEFORE SUNRISE Part.3, is the perfect cross-over between classic music and hard-hitting hip-hop. T1419’s rap line is no joke, and we are avid fans, but have you listened to that pre-chorus? We were blown away by the group’s vocal powers and are hoping to see more of them in the future. You can be sure that we will be bopping to this for the next couple of weeks, while we wait for what they have in store next.


After taking over the world with ‘Rollin’‘ and later ‘We Ride,’ Brave Girls have repackaged an already iconic album, and made ‘After We Ride.’ The mini-album contains three remixes of tracks featured in the mini-album Summer-Queens. It’s also the sequel to ‘We Ride’ and it just makes us emotional thinking about that. To think we wouldn’t have been able to hear the title track ‘After We Ride’ if they decided not to push out more music, keeps us up at night. You also shouldn’t miss out on the mv for ‘After We Ride’ because it has become something that we catch ourselves watching every day.


We are still trying to move on from IZ*ONE‘s disbandment but it just keeps hitting us and we miss our girls desperately. But with every disbandment, there come new debuts and Kwon Eunbi is the first to re-debut as a solo artist from the group! And what a worthy debut it is, the jazzy ‘Door’ convinced us with its groove and brass sounds and we are absolutely here for it. BTW Eunbi looks like a goddess in that music video!


EVERGLOW has teamed up with UNICEF for the Promise Campaign, with the track ‘Promise.’ The campaign and song are set to make sure that kids have continuous hope for a peaceful world and endless dreaming. The group also came out with an MV for ‘Promise,’ and it’s so airy and breathtaking. But we can’t forget the dance itself, they even included the sign for “promise” into their choreo, also don’t forget to jump on the dance challenge!


TEEN TOP‘s maknae Changjo is back with another stellar single! ‘Hurting U’ is hauntingly beautiful and makes us wonder even more where and when we will be getting that full solo debut album! Top Media we are begging you here give us more of those beautiful vocals!

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MIRAE had a ‘Killa’ debut this year (maybe one of our favorites but shhh tell no one). Now, the rookies are back with their first comeback ‘Splash’ and it convinced us even more how talented these boys are and how much they deserve our love and support! The entire album does not have a skip and ‘Bang Up’ could have easily been another title track. Keep the music coming MIRAE.


It has been a long time coming but GOT7 member JAY B finally dropped his first EP Style of My Own: FUME and title track ‘B.T.W.’ featuring the one and only Jay Park! Jay B had us already intrigued with his May single ‘Switch It Up’ but ‘B.T.W.’ is a worthy follow-up. We can’t wait to see what else the leader is up to. For real, Ahgase are for sure being well-fed with GOT7 solo activities this year and the Jaebeom’s RnB tunes just get into your head and stay there. Absolutely beautiful!


To get us all hyped for her upcoming album, which is due in September, Lee Hi dropped pre-release single ‘ONLY’ and we are in love. No one truly can compete with her vocal tone and she does power ballads so well! Having had a look at the song’s lyrics, we feel attacked. Also, the music video? Lee Jehoon??? We were speechless! What a collab really.


We missed this queen! While we are patiently waiting for Jessica’s sequel to her book Shine, she finally dropped a new song. In the form of an OST Jessica is here with the ballad ‘Can’t Sleep’ that accompanies her and her sister f(x) Krystal’s road-tripping adventures. We finally have the perfect soundtrack to our next road trip.


WOODZ, where is the next album? Demanding aside, the Baverse documentary had us fighting back our tears, it’s hard to read subtitles when you are crying your eyes out, okay? The singer teased this new song during his episode and when it finally dropped at the end of August, it exceeded our all of expectations. Only WOODZ could pull of a powerful song like ‘Lullaby.’


BTOB makes their long-awaited return after participating in Mnet’s Kingdom! ‘Outsider’ is the perfect release to make us all fall in love with BTOB all over again. As two members of the group are still in the military, only four of them are currently promoting. But ‘Outsider’ with its strong brass elements and jazzy feel makes up for Hyunsik’s and Sungjae’s absence. ‘Outsider’ is the track that made August go out with a bang! In BTOB we trust to get all the vocals and groove. The entire album [4U : OUTSIDE] is absolute perfection and we are barely able to pick a favorite song.


MCND are back with their third mini-album THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION and give us the motivation to keep ‘Movin,’ which is the title track of the new album. MCND always deliver with their great raps and hard-hitting moves, but the vocal pre-chorus is what steals the show this time. We can’t get over how enormous these rookies from Top media have become and we just know this album is gonna do amazing! What a way to close out the month.

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August was definitely packed with so much good music! What was your favorite release of August? Which comeback are you looking forward to in September? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: The Honey POP Graphics Team – Emily Defoor

Words by: Selina Kuhn, Juu Luquin, Valerie Valdez, Khushboo Malhotra & Anna Marie.

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