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New Music Weekly: 3OH!3, Surf Mesa and More!

New Music Weekly: 3OH!3, Surf Mesa and More!

The best time of the week is here! We get to look back on the last week in music and celebrate the absolute best of the best!

Josie Cotton – Pussycat Babylon
Image Source: Kitten Robot Records

Stream Pussycat Babylon here!

An album where the artist wrote ten out of the eleven tracks? Well, you know we’re suckers for any singer-songwriter, so sign us up! Pussycat Babylon is a pure masterpiece, mashing the world’s early 2000s pop with modern electropop seamlessly. Our favorite track hailing from Pussycat Babylon has to be ‘Calling All Girls.’

Rude Nala – ‘ZAZA’
Image Source: Trend PR

Stream ‘ZAZA’ here!

Okay, right off the bat, we have to gush about this music video! The video for ‘ZAZA’ is so ethereal and transported us to another world. As for the song itself, if you’re not already a Rude Nala fan, one listen will flip that right around.

Image Source: Dew Process/ Universal Music Group

Stream ‘ICY!’ here!

SAFETY CLUB is the hip-hop duo you’ve been looking for! They are coming at you in this week’s New Music Weekly with their second single ‘ICY!’ The duo is certainly a fresh take on the hip-hop world, with them having completely different sounds on both tracks they have released so far.

He’s All That (Music From The Netflix Film)
Image Source: Netflix

Stream He’s All That (Music From The Netflix Film) here!

This soundtrack is jam-packed! With artists from Surf Mesa and Madison Beer to Katy Perry, it is full of tracks we know and love. ‘Carried Away’ has been one of our favorite tracks for months, so we’re so glad to see it appear on the He’s All That soundtrack! You can tell that the music was perfectly placed based on what the target audience is listening to these days.

Surf Mesa ft. FLETCHER and Josh Golden – ‘Another Life’
Image Source: Capitol Music Group

Stream ‘Another Life’ here!

We’ve got another Surf Mesa track to gush about this week! ‘Another Life’ perfectly melds these three artists’ voices to create the ultimate collaboration. As we close out the summer ‘Another Life’ will be the backing track of all of those last-minute moments.

siné – ‘2GOOD2U’
Image Source: Universal Music Denmark

Stream ‘2GOOD2U’ here!

Anytime we see an artist come out with a pop song that sounds like nothing else we’ve heard, we jump on board! That’s exactly the thoughts we had after hearing ‘2GOOD2U’ for the first time! The track is bright, sunshine-infused pop with a bit of self-deprecation in the lyrics.

Tessa Rae – ‘i don’t miss you’
Image Source: Paige Strabala

Stream ‘i don’t miss you’ here!

Do you have someone in your life that keeps trying to make their way back in but you simply just are not having it? ‘i don’t miss you’ is the track for you! Tessa Rae is point blank just saying regardless of this person’s feelings for her, she doesn’t miss them. We love the to-the-point lyrics.

Cassie Marin – ‘Busy Body’
Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘Busy Body’ here!

‘Busy Body’ is described as a song where Cassie Marin explores being the “watcher and the watched in the digital world,” we can’t get over that! What a unique point of view to write from! We live in a technology-dominated world, so it’s only natural for that to get a bit too overwhelming where as a creative like Cassie, you’d want to write all about it.

Image Source: Daniel Ruiz and Jake Kelly

Stream ‘Fight Club’ here!

‘Fight Club’ is our second glimpse into what we can expect from BLACKSTARKIDS upcoming album Puppies Forever. We’re always looking for new hip-hop music to add to our New Music Weekly wrap ups, so ‘Fight Club’ is perfect!

Brenna D’Amico and Liv Ritchie – ‘Don’t Want You Back’
Image Source: OH Recordings

Stream ‘Don’t Want You Back’ here!

Best friends making a song together? What could be better! ‘Don’t Want You Back’ is a pop track all about the downfall of a relationship and coming into your own post-breakup. Liv and Brenna wrote this track after discovering they were dating the same guy, even though that’s a sh*tty situation at least we got this bop! And the girls got a beautiful friendship!

Harper Starling – ‘No More What If’
Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘No More What If’ here!

Dance-pop is a genre we are always looking to tap into more! ‘No More What If’ is a perfect song to lean anyone into the genre! It’s always nice to see a song as upbeat and fun still have the storyteller element in the lyrics!

Juliana Riccardi – ‘Full Cup’
Image Source: Miawennroault via Instagram

Stream ‘Full Cup’ here!

Man, Juliana Riccardi has a voice on her! ‘Full Cup’ is acting as the title song off of the Full Cup EP! It’s one of those times where we can immediately tell, if this song is representative of the project as a whole we are going to be very into it!

Talia Jackson – ‘19’
Image Source: Talia Jackson via Instagram

Stream ‘19’ here!

We’ve come to love Talia Jackson as a musician as much as we already did as an actress! With her newest track, ‘19,’ we can tell she’s found her voice. Writing songs that are true to her and songs that we can still dance to and relate all too hard to, the lyrics describing a girl who grew up too fast.

Mikey Ferrari – ‘Truth Is’
Image Source: karocrafts via Instagram

Stream ‘Truth Is’ here!

Mikey Ferrari is no stranger to our New Music Weekly wrap ups! His music is such a unique take on alt-pop and that trend continues here with ‘Truth Is.’ Discussing the LA social scene and the facades that people in that city put up is always an interesting and introspective topic to see played out in music.

Denis Coleman – ‘pillowTHOUGHTS’
Image Source: Lander PR

Stream ‘pillowTHOUGHTS’ here!

Denis Coleman joining the pop-punk ranks?! You love to see it!! When we think of the phrase “pillow thoughts” we think about what keeps us up at night, the things we’re still thinking about when the clock strikes 3 am. Denis Coleman seems to have the same idea in mind.

3OH!3 – NEED
Image Source: Photo Finish Records

Stream NEED here!

We will forever be excited when a new 3OH!3 album drops! We’ve been huge fans since way back in our earliest pop-punk days. NEED is the perfect example of the absolute best parts of 3OH!3! We love every track and have had them all on a loop, but ‘I’M SO SAD’ is definitely our standout.

Abby Jasmine – I Hate You 2
Image Source: Calm Management

Stream I Hate You 2 here!

I Hate You 2 is one hundred percent on of our favorite EP’s of the year! Each of the four tracks were put into the perfect order and show what caliber of artist Abby Jasmine is. ‘MIA’ has to be our standout track.

Ai Bendr – ‘The Deep’
Image Source: Interscope Records

Stream ‘The Deep’ here!

Ai Bendr is an artist you’re going to want to keep your eye on! As of right now she only has five songs out with the newest being ‘The Deep.’ ‘The Deep’ is very euphoric and moody and is one of those songs you just want to vibe to.

Loren Allred – ‘Perfect’
Image Source: Shervin Lainez

Stream ‘Perfect’ here!

Are you super fans of The Greatest Showman like we are? Does ‘Never Enough’ give you chills every time you hear it? Then you’re going to love ‘Perfect’ sung by the artist Loren Allred who also sings ‘Never Enough.’ Loren has one of the most powerful voices we’ve ever heard, so you already know ‘Perfect’ is beyond stellar.

See Also

SCARYPOOLPARTY – The Act Of Forgiveness
Image Source: Shore Fire Media

Stream The Act Of Forgiveness here!

We have been following the career of SCARYPOOLPARTY since the earliest days, and even though we know what he’s capable of The Act Of Forgiveness still completely blew us out of the water. Each track feels so expertly crafted, and truly is the best example of what a special artist SCARYPOOLPARTY is.

Gal Musette – ‘Julia’
Image Source: Wes Cardino

Stream ‘Julia’ here!

If you have a younger sister allow yourself to full cry to ‘Julia.’ Gal wrote this track as a love-letter to her little sister and it hits so close to home. It’s always so incredible to find artists that are able to write from a place like this one.

Ben Chandler – ‘Losing You’
Image Source: Warner Music Group

Stream ‘Losing You’ here!

Alt-pop is a genre that is completely exploding right now, one of its new shining stars is Ben Chandler. ‘Losing You’ has been our first glance into who he is an artist and we have to go back and listen to his entire discography now.

King Calaway – Midnight
Image Source: Stoney Creek Records

Stream Midnight here!

This New Music Weekly we’re getting an entire EP from one of our favorite bands, King Calaway. We’re huge fans of the entire project, but ‘Good Time To Me’ is pretty spectacular!

Hastings – ‘Heart’s Not In It’
Image Source: Elektra Records

Steam ‘Heart’s Not In It’ here!

It’s debut single time!! We will never get over getting to be with an artist from the moment they release their first piece of themselves into the world. Hastings has done just that with ‘Heart’s Not In It!’ This song shows Hastings has already found a voice and knows what he wants to say with it, we have a feeling you’re going to be hearing his name for a long time.

WENZDAY – ‘The One’
Image Source: mau5trap

Stream ‘The One’ here!

‘The One’ is about to be your next breakup anthem. We’ve been listening to it pretty much on a loop, maybe we’re going through some stuff right now, look the other way! Dance-infused breakup tracks are the way to go.

HONNE – ‘Coming Home’
Image Source: Atlantic Records UK

Stream ‘Coming Home’ here!

HONNE are the duo of our god d*mn dreams! ‘Coming Home’ has us beyond stoked for Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do?, the duo’s upcoming album! When you add in the collaboration of NIKI it elevates the track that much more.

Will Jay – ‘Was It Even Real?’
Image Source: casadeguevara via Instagram

Stream ‘Was It Even Real?’ here!

We will always eat up anything Will Jay puts out! It’s that simple! Will is one of those artists that is so unbelievably rare when it comes to his lyrical ability and his honesty through his music. ‘Was It Even Real?’ is the perfect example.

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We would love to hear from you! What song off this week’s New Music Weekly was your favorite? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP

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