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PinkPantheress: The Artist You Didn’t Know You Were Obsessed With

PinkPantheress: The Artist You Didn’t Know You Were Obsessed With

That’s right. You listen to her, you love her, but do you really know her? If you’ve been on TikTok for the past month, you probably have come across at least one of PinkPantheress’ funky, electro-pop songs without even realizing it. Despite being one of TikTok’s growing musicians, not much is known about the artist. So here at the Honey POP, we are going to give you the 411 on just who is PinkPantheress and what she’s all about!

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Getting To Know The Pantheress

PinkPantheress is a 20-year-old London university student who was born in Bath, U.K. She loves horror movies and yes, is a fellow emo kid, taking inspiration from bands like My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park. As of this year, she’s been sighed under Parlophone Records. This same label house some of our favorite artists such as Lily Allen—who PinkPantheress is also a big fan of— and Ashnikko.

Despite being a TikTok sensation, not much is known about PinkPantheress’ personal life. After all, there are only a handful of photos of her online and her real name is unknown. However, her anonymity is for good reason. In an interview with I-D, she explains that keeping her identity somewhat a mystery allows her to experience herself online without feeling shy nor stressed by preconceived notions.

“New Nostalgic” And Her Musical Start

PinkPantheress produces music what she calls “new nostalgic”— a genre that uses elements from popular funk and pop music of the late 90s and early 2000s— in her dorm room at 3 am. Yet, in one of her TikToks, you can catch her slipping with making music during class. It’s all good though, because ‘Attracted to You’ is frankly a bop!

However, PinkPantheress’ songwriting goes way beyond university as she’s been at it for four years starting when she was finishing up high school. As explained in her I-D interview, PinkPantheress draw for using samples from the early y2k music era comes from how the quality of sound was more unpolished and more experimental. You can definitely hear PinkPantheress follow this experimental element herself as her songs often mix in various retro sounds with her angelic, cutesy voice making the most perfect earworm music.

‘Break It Off’ and ‘Just for Me’ are two of PinkPantheress’ most well-known songs. You’ve might have stumbled upon ‘Just for Me’ a bit more on TikTok. After all, the song has been in around one million TikToks ranging from DIYs to cooking tutorials. The popularity of the song makes sense as it’s one of her newer releases. Plus, it has such an adorable and catchy chorus. Just give it a listen!

Likewise, PinkPantheress’ other hit ‘Break It Off’ has been in nearly half a million TikTok videos. And on Youtube, the song’s audio sits in at around one million views. The official visualizer for the song is rather disjointed as it’s made up of various video clips including the famous Dancing Hermione meme. It’s pretty random, but it’s something PinkPantheress totally loves and intended to show. If you live for sick visuals and a catchy pop song the music video is something you should for sure check out!

And if you wanna hear some more of PinkPantheress’ stuff, you should give her Soundcloud a listen or stream some of her popular hits down below.

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After listening to her music, which songs passed the vibe check for you? Did any of her songs get stuck in your head too? Why don’t you tell us all about it over at our Twitter @thehoneypop or Instagram? Or hit us up over at Facebook!

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