Super Furry Animals ‘Rings Around The World’ Technos!

Super Furry Animals ‘Rings Around The World’ Technos!

Do you love cute and funny puppies? We have had them ringing for more than 20 years in Wales. The Super Furry Animals are maybe our favorite ‘Golden Retrievers’ but they ‘Rings Around The World’ since the nineties. They celebrate with us their iconic track and album from 2001 in September! Stay tuned for the album reissue and a special NFT collection for the ultimate fan!

Image Source: Courtesy of Maintain Perspective PR

SFA At Home!

If you fancy spending an evening with experimental pop and fuzz guitars, the Super Furry Animals Rings Around The World is the perfect psychedelic album. The Welsh rockers find their colorful shades on the 20th-anniversary reissue reminiscing the ‘Sidewalk Serfer Girl’ or telling us that ‘It’s Not The End Of The World?’ The band will launch their own SFA TV where fans can gather worldwide and relive the memories from this epic era. The program will start at 8 pm BST on Thursday, September 2nd on the Super Furry Animals official YouTube channel. Stay tuned! Oh and before we forgot! Maybe it’s a little secret, well not really… but did you know Paul McCartney ate carrots and celeries in the infamous ‘Receptacle For The Respectables?’ Hear the commentaries about the recording with long-term collaborator Pete Fowler during the broadcast of the HD video. In the meantime, enjoy the original visuals below.

Ring The NFT Door!

Gruff Rhys and his friends love art! Partnering for ages with Pete Fowler, a renowned artist from Cardiff, it was kind of a piece of evidence that the guys would enter the NFT creative world. This time, the band teamed up with Mark James. Which piece of the sleeve artwork do you want to own the animated way? Are you excited about exclusive audio? The Super Furry Animals Rings Around The World NFT project will kick off with The Welsh Music Podcast special show that you will be able to listen to on their website as the drops can be found here. If you want to participate in the celebration, you can also order the remastered version on the Welsh rocker’s website or tune in to the Charlatan’s Tim Burgess famous Twitter Listening Party. Who’s in with us to barf the love?

How will you celebrate this furry anniversary? Any ideas of which NFT you’ll get? Drop us your thoughts on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Are you in love with fuzzy psychedelia? We got more sweets for you here!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Maintain Perspective PR

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