ASTRO Make Us Feel ‘ALIVE’ With Their New Single

ASTRO Make Us Feel ‘ALIVE’ With Their New Single

Astro may have just wrapped up the ‘After Midnight‘ era, but they already have a new digital single out, ‘Alive.’ And it truly feels like the perfect Astro song.

Now, before we go in-depth into the track, you should know this isn’t your usual release. ‘ALIVE’ was released through the Universe App, a platform that has released other songs with other groups such as The Boyz‘s ‘Drink It‘ or CIX’s ‘TESSERACT‘. And now it is Astro’s turn.

Image Source: Fantagio Entertainment

‘ALIVE’ is overall such a bright and hopeful song. With its bright EDM drop and as they sing “I feel alive,” you can’t help but smile – it almost feels emotional. It conveys perfectly the excitement of being alive and loving someone. ‘ALIVE’ literally makes you happy to be alive to listen to it.

This is the perfect Astro song. It showcases their rappers during the second verse as well as their vocalist all throughout the song. The ad-libs during the last chorus build it into such a powerful and unforgettable song that fills you with emotions and happiness. It’s such a bright and comforting song that you can’t help but feel happy while listening to it. It’s a vibe that Astro are truly the masters of.

But let’s not forget about the music video. Even though the full version is only available on the Universe app, it is still worth talking about and checking out. Just like the song, it is a bright and fun music video – but with a twist. It follows the storyline of all six members living in a spaceship until something crashes into them. The concept complements perfectly the overall feeling ‘ALIVE’ gives off. It’s about overcoming struggles and coming out the other side stronger.

Astro is truly such a special group in the way they always manage to brighten our day and convey happiness and comfort into their music – ‘ALIVE’ is no exception, and it’s actually more like the embodiment of it. 

Image source: Fantagio Entertainment / Universe Music

How much did you love ‘ALIVE?’ What has been your favorite ASTRO release this year? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Fantagio Entertainment / Universe Music

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