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Here’s What Harries Are Expecting From Love on Tour This Year!

Here’s What Harries Are Expecting From Love on Tour This Year!

Our beloved boy is back on the stage with Love on Tour, and there is nothing else we can be happy about. Many of us looked forward to this, and it is finally happening! Who hasn’t missed Harry Styles? Everyone loves him, and we believe that this man has no haters. His dynamic performances left us all amazed, and we have a chance of witnessing them all over again. Harries all over the world are so excited and had shared it with us over our tweet! Here are some of the greatest things Harries is expecting from Love on Tour this year!

The Festive Music He Brings To Us

We have a huge list of songs we want Harry to perform, right? And the performances OMG! It might become too hot to handle. Among all his songs, Harries are dying and craving for some of the classics from his album and covers to come to real life with his real voice. Imagine Hazza singing ‘Medicine’ on stage, damn, it would light the whole stadium on fire! Not only Harries for once, but Directioners are also craving for that masterpiece! Ah, like that is the most perfect song ever. More like the best song ever! *winks*

Oh, we all agree to that, don’t we? We would love to see our handsome styles perform ‘Juice’ once again! After such a long time, Harries would have another reason to cherish the love and friendship of Lizzo and Harry! Some of the fans would also love to hear Styles sing ‘Anna’ one of his unreleased singles. Also, Harries love it when he waves the flags and supports the countries and communities, we need people like him to stand up and say “It’s okay, I love you.” He is an icon and an inspiration, that is the topmost reason for anyone to love Harry Styles.

His Performances

Right from when he gets onto the stage, the man runs the show with full energy and we can never take our eyes off him. For the upcoming tour, Harries would love to have chats and gossips with this man like usual. They even mention their love for his funny moments and how adorable they think he is (well he is beyond adorable). Along with all the usual requests from him, they have some crazy suggestions too! They suggest he fly over them as he did in the music video of ‘Sign Of The Times.’ And without any doubt, we can say that would be the most engaging and amazing thing. Harry’s grace would act as an essence to such performances and we can’t wait to see him again! Ahh, Harry takes our breath away every time we see him and no wonder his fans cry, he is so kind and beautiful.

The Outfits!!!

The best part about Harry’s concerts, apart from seeing him, is his choice of outfits! He never leaves a small doubt about his costume for the day, a completely dressed handsome man with a marvelous character always comes along to mesmerize us. Not once in the past six years, have we noticed Harry being mediocre and Harries are proud of their man doing his job perfectly. The job of proving himself again and again, that he is the style icon of the time! Without wasting any time, some Harries from social media already started putting together the pieces of what would look perfect on him, on streets as well in the homely concert time. Here are some of them, made with love and talent! Harry Styles must be really proud of Harries for putting together such fabulous pieces! You better pick out a few from this, Mr. Styles.

Harry Styles Love on Tour
Image Source: Camryn Fabre (@harrybeloved) via Instagram

We would even love to see him in the unique suits he puts on and carries so perfectly. His suits in the recent events have stolen the hearts of every person with their uniqueness and specialty, one of them is his GRAMMYs performance black suit and his geometric brown Gucci suit in the 2021 Brit Awards. We hope he wears such designs again on Love on Tour! His sweaters and sweater vests have been all over the internet and we all know about the cute frog hat! It has become a style sensation from that moment Harry was spotted in it. His adorable sweaters with weaved tiny animals and unique quotes have redefined the style criteria. I bet Harries can not wait to see Styles all groomed and perfect again!

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Did you love the ideas Harries had about their pop star’s upcoming events? What do you think Harry Styles should do for his concerts on Love on Tour this year? Follow us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP and let us know your thoughts. We are also available on Facebook and Instagram.

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Feature Image Source: Helene Marie Pambrun

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