Jake Bugg ‘About Last Night’ Leaves Bad Vibes Behind!

Jake Bugg ‘About Last Night’ Leaves Bad Vibes Behind!

Do you ever regret your actions? Are your feelings let yourself loose and make you do things you realized that’s wrong? Jake Bugg is back reflecting ‘About Last Night’ on new video. The British singer produced a passionate gem that show his immense talent! Let his beats mesmerise your late evenings!

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Jealousy Is Twisty!

Jake Bugg is a pure treat for the soul! From folk ballads to his transformation into psychedelic electro-pop powerhouse, he amazed us on his new album Saturday Night Sunday Morning. The English singer brings lovely claps to his new song. Jake Bugg’s ‘About Last Night’ is the latest track from his fifth record out now! The single is a real boost of energy with twisty emotions.

Oh my my about last night, I know I lost my mind to jealousy/Oh my my about last night, I want you on my mind, jealousy/ Hopelessly in love, darling don’t you leave me got me hopelessly in love, baby please believe me,” he soars trying to convince his loved one to forgive him his mistakes. If you fall in love, be ready to have fun, but also be hurt, that’s such a rollercoaster ride. If you like the latest Johnny Marr soulful material, Jake Bugg is what you should listen to right now!

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Good Vibrations!

Jake Bugg’s ‘About Last Night’ is another proof of the creativity growth the singer-songwriter has in the last couple of years. We still hear some piano ballads on ‘Downtown’ and his country folk origins on ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘Scene.’ Though, Jake Bugg evolved into upbeat and catchy pop ventures. His electronic collaboration with Camelphat on ‘Be Someone’ is no stranger to this! Sometimes, changing styles is good for the heart, don’t you think? His blue-screened video is a psychedelic voyage out of space.

He leads us in such a trance with his hypnotizing lyrics and visual shapes. Get your copy of the marvellous Saturday Night Sunday Morning in the music format of your choice here. Enjoy with no skips! We also looking forward to the good vibes on tour! Catch Jake Bugg on his UK tour in the spring of next year! All the details and how to score your ticket are here.

What do wish you would have done differently for your loved ones? Any thoughts about the electro-rock single from Jake Bugg? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Jack Bridgeland

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