Lady Gaga Is Letting Us Live Chromatica Again!

Lady Gaga Is Letting Us Live  Chromatica  Again!

Ladies, gentlemen, and kind people, we have more than a ‘Million Reasons’ why we love our biggest star and queen of our hearts, Lady Gaga. And right now, we have added one to the list that surely will go up as one of the best things ‘The Queen’ has brought us to our life. Lady Gaga is letting us ‘Replay’ one of the best albums of history with a special surprise… Dawn of Chromatica is here!

We can’t deny that Lady Gaga changed the way we see life with her wonderful and super talented album Chromatica, where we could appreciate a lot of exquisite collaborations with artists we only thought she will collab with in our dreams, like with the beautiful Ariana Grande and the incredible BLACKPINK. It is an album that will never leave our minds… but now we have the opportunity to relive what we felt the first time we listened to it with this special edition of Dawn of Chromatica.

Listen to Dawn of Chromatica HERE!

Lady Gaga Is ‘The Cure’ To All Of Our Problems!

We are gonna have a lot of ‘Fun Tonight’ listening non-stop to this album! So far, it has been one of the most amazing things! Someone, please call ‘911’, ’cause we are falling completely in love with Lady Gaga!

The album is taking us to another dimension to the way we have been experiencing Chromatica, and we are loving the view of the Dawn of Chromatica with our besties! Also, how cool are the new collaborations? We are calling Urban Dictionary cause they need to change the definition of music and perfection to Lady Gaga.

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How have you been enjoying Dawn of Chromatica so far? Which song has been your favorite? Which one has been the one you can’t take out of your mind?

Let us know everything in the comments and don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Interscope Records

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