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YouTube Originals’ RELEASED Reads Our Minds – BTS To Finally Feature!

YouTube Originals’ RELEASED Reads Our Minds – BTS To Finally Feature!

The triple week #permissiontodance challenge by BTS that burgeoned on July 23, and overtook every netizen’s itinerary by storm, finds a pinnacle in YouTube Originals’ weekly music series, RELEASED. Catch the sneak peek and cry with us?

#permissiontodance, the challenge where members of the invincible music phenomenon BTS invited ARMYs and the world to join in on the positivity the track inspired, especially with international sign gestures of “joy,” “dance,” and “peace” with a 15 seconds long remix on YouTube Shorts. Yes, that one.

Incorporating the International Sign gestures enabled us to spread the positive energy of our music to a wider audience that maybe we haven’t reached before.

Band member J-Hope about the #PTD Challenge

Russia, United Kingdom, India, the States, or Sir Elton John- you name it, BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance’ challenge has got ’em all.

Image Source: Tenor

It’s only natural that anything musically trending always ends with a bang(tan). Likewise, the #PTD shorts will be compiled into an official BTS MV and the band will make an appearance on a special episode of YouTube Originals’ RELEASED on 9th September, 11:45 PM ET / 8:45 PM PT, in conversation with… anyone interested in wagering a guess? Friendly hint- you’re already obsessed with him.

Chris Martin of COLDPLAY. Yes, we know… we had that same reaction and now our neighbor is worried about us. They can judge us, but no one can blame us for losing our calm over this, hey!

BTS and Chris will sit together through a cozy little conversation on YouTube RELEASED about the driving inspiration behind the project and possibly slip in a few anecdotes about their shared universal impact on hearts and record-setting charts alike. Now, hear us out – you can’t deny the sniff of a subtle collab coming our way. What? A fan can dream.

Following the YouTube RELEASED episode hot on its trail will be the Premiere of BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ MV (Shorts Challenge ver.) on September 10 at Midnight ET, where a selection of fan #Shorts videos of the challenge will be compiled.

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I am curious about how they will add their own tastes and touch to the ‘Permission to Dance’ choreography…but honestly, just watching them dance along to our song and having fun makes me really happy.

Band memeber Jin about the #PTD Challenge

How much of BTS is enough? *sigh* If only we knew the answer to that because all we know is more, more, more! And September 9, mark it on your calendars in bold red, or better countdown it with BTS live-

So on a scale of one to ten, just how excited are you? Because the 50 queue starts behind us… just saying. Answer in the comments below and tweet @TheHoneyPop or join our queue on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

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