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5 Reasons Why Halsey Deserves Love AND Power

5 Reasons Why Halsey Deserves Love AND Power

Halsey Love And Power

It’s no secret that Halsey is one of the most powerful artists of our generation. No, no, they are one of the most powerful PEOPLE of our generation. From activism to flawlessly created masterpieces, Halsey puts themself out there to save the world. #HalseyWorldDomination

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Their new album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, which you can stream here, is in and of itself Halsey’s most impactful album to date. So powerful we’re certain we felt the world shake, and our souls leave our bodies upon our first listen to it’s enchantingly haunting melodies and spell-binding rhythms. 

We fully believe Halsey has all the power in the world already at their fingertips and expresses that power through song. Think Elsa from Frozen with snow and ice, but Halsey releases poetic and masterful words and addicting beats instead. That’s before you even factor in the immense intensity and intoxication of their vocals with every note hit. We’re telling you, if there’s anyone more powerful in the world than she is, then we don’t know them.

With this album’s release, our adoration and insatiable need for Halsey blossomed even more, and we couldn’t help but think about all the reasons Halsey deserves both love AND power. So, without further ado, let’s talk about five reasons why they deserve both.

Their Fearless Activism

As previously mentioned, Halsey has been one of the strongest celebrity activists that we’ve had the pleasure of supporting throughout the years. Activism is one of the biggest ways to use the power that you already have as a celebrity, to stand up for your beliefs and for what’s right. We never cease to be amazed by the impact Halsey has already had on the world, and we cannot wait to see what she does next! We know they’ll likely be very vocal about it, and that’s exactly the kind of support we love to see!

New Stage In Life

Halsey is not shy about writing about personal struggles and experiences, and she has been through a lot of tough times. But, they overcame and have gone on to conquer the world! With a new baby, she is getting to embrace an entirely new side of life and experience the joy of feeling unconditional love for another person. A love like that is unmatched by anything else in the world, and no one deserves that more than Halsey.

She’s Never Afraid To Be Unapologetically Raw And Personal

As we mentioned, Halsey writes from a place of personal experience: raw and intimate. That is something we admire in all artists that aren’t afraid to tell the world their story and all the struggles they overcame to get where they are. Halsey does it so strongly, and we can’t help but feel our hearts break and swell over every emotion she releases. We can relate to a lot of the stuff Halsey has been through, and knowing we’re not alone makes us feel validated and empowered. She doesn’t sugar coat anything, and we deeply appreciate their honesty and sharing glimpses into the deepest parts of their soul.

Their Connection With Fans

Halsey has a huge heart and has always had such an amazing connection with their fans. In part because of how open and honest she is. We are all human, and being relatable and vulnerable builds that connection and provides a sense of closeness to any artist we look up to. Not even necessarily when they go through the same struggles, but also when they enjoy the same hobbies, movies, tv shows, and whatnot that we enjoy outside of their music. This connection does not exist among all artists and fandoms, but Halsey has perfected it with hers, and we love every minute of it!

She Flows Through Genres Seamlessly

Yes, Halsey is not the only artist that can bend genres at the drop of a hat, but being able to do this, opens many doors and opportunities for their career. She has changed her sound with just about every album she’s released, and somehow every genre fits them and their personality. This keeps Halsey from being placed inside any specific genre box and is an astronomical move and skill to hone in on in the industry. She’s a musical warrior, no doubt!

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There you have it, honey poppers, five reasons why Halsey deserves both love and power, and we can bet the new album is going to give them more than she ever dreamed of! So, let’s cheers Halsey and this new era of life – we can’t wait to see what she does next!

What are some ways you feel Halsey deserves both love and power? What do you think of their new album? Did she deliver the best album of her career so far? Which songs are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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