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‘Coastin’ and 4 Other Iconic Victoria Monét Music Videos That Prove She’s The Queen

‘Coastin’ and 4 Other Iconic Victoria Monét Music Videos That Prove She’s The Queen

Victoria Monét in Coastin

Last month, Victoria Monét released the most perfect summer song, ‘Coastin,’ and as if we couldn’t love it enough, the music video made us fall for it even more. ‘Coastin’ is a groovy bop that captured our hearts with its lighthearted energy. What we’re trying to say is, if you don’t listen to Victoria Monét, it’s time to stop missing out! Here’s the scoop on the ‘Coastin’ music video, plus four other Victoria classics that prove she’s the definition of the word artist.

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Opening on a colorful scene at Mama Monét’s diner with Rickey Thompson flipping ‘Coastin” pancakes, this music video is full of retro flair. Moving on to the 70s-infused Sideshow Get Down dance party complete with go-go boots and roller skates, waitress Victoria came straight from the diner to serve with the choreo. It wraps up with shots of palm trees, skateboarders, and rainbow bellbottoms, making it the perfect summer vibe.


‘F.*.CK.’ is one of our favorite Victoria Monét music videos because it’s a prime example of how her visuals are always on point! This one has a western setting, with Victoria wearing rhinestoned cowgirl boots and glittery fringe. This music video elevated ‘F.*.C.K.’ to another level as far as storytelling. But we don’t wanna spoil it for you, so let’s just say we wouldn’t want it to end any other way!

’90’s Babies’

Throwing it back to 2015, we have to talk about the ’90’s Babies’ video! Featuring shoutouts to classic 90’s shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Kenan & Kel that all IRL ’90’s Babies’ fondly remember, this music video looks like it came straight outta 90’s TV right alongside them. With the swag of Aaliyah, a beat that still feels unique six years later, and her silky vocals, Victoria proved she was a star in the making.


Jaguar‘ can be summed up in one word: powerful. The ‘Jaguar’ music video radiates power and intrigue. One commenter called this video a crossover between Black Panther and Avatar, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s visually stunning and fun to watch and shows Victoria’s range as an artist.


The transitions! The camerawork! The chemistry! The artistry! The ‘Moment’ video has it all. This song reminds us of satin sheets, cool breezes, and the satisfaction of getting both wing eyeliners to match. And the music video perfectly captures those vibes with breezy visuals and a romance between Victoria and the lead that has us watching with heart eyes.

Basically, all of this is to say – Victoria Monét 100% always understands the assignment! These masterpieces deserve all the recognition, and we’re here to spread the word.

What’s your fave Victoria music video?! We wanna know! Come discuss with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or on Facebook and Instagram.

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