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Legends Supporting Legends: Musicians That Admire Taylor Swift

Legends Supporting Legends: Musicians That Admire Taylor Swift

Welcome to Legends Supporting Legends, a series that’s built for multi-stans to completely lose all sense of the word “chill” and bask in the glory of when their favorite artists support one another, leading to the best interactions ever and totally feeding our souls. Taylor Swift is a staple in the music industry. She is the blueprint of what it means to be a singer-songwriter, and she has been that for her entire career. Her extensive catalog is full of songs that are written from the heart, which makes it so easy to connect to each and every lyric.

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Being the musical legend that she is Taylor Swift has millions of adoring fans around the globe, some of which include some of our favorite musicians! From collaborators to Taylor’s closest friends, let’s break down who in the industry is a swiftie just like us.

Niall Horan
Image Source: Dave Hogan for Getty Images

Niall Horan has long shown his adoration of Taylor and has even deemed her a “genius.” As a songwriter himself, he gives credit where it’s due for Taylor Swift being one of our generation’s finest with her pen. He’s even covered two of her biggest hits with ‘Lover’ being a collaboration with FLETCHER and ‘All Too Well’ being a track he covered on Instagram. We’re holding out hope that the two will make a song together in the near future, we know Niall is on board!

Kelsea Ballerini
Image Source: Kelsea Ballerini via Instagram

Remember the 13-hour meet and greet Taylor Swift had back in the Fearless era? Kelsea Ballerini does, because she was there! Kelsea has been a lifelong swiftie who has lived out all of our dreams by becoming real-life friends with Taylor Swift. With Taylor Swift hailing from the world of country music she’s acted as a mentor of sorts to Kelsea Ballerini, we are waiting for the day Kelsea pulls a 1989 and gives us our dream-pop album.

Selena Gomez
Image Source: Steve Granitz for WireImage

Now, of course, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are best friends. Their constant support of one another is something we admire so much! Selena has always been one of the first people to speak about what an incredible person and artist Taylor Swift is. She has often credited Taylor as being the person she knows will never judge her and will always be in her corner! Can you say best friend goals?

Emma Blackery
Image Source: Emma Blackery via Reddit

Like all of us, Emma Blackery is a complete swiftie. She’s covered ‘Blank Space’ and even has giant Taylor Swift canvases in her home! (We need to know where to order our own asap) In her interview with us back in October when asked who she would most love to collaborate with Emma started “Taylor Swift. Always Taylor Swift. I’ve admired her songwriting ability for many years and she always manages to blow me away with each and every release.” As you can see it’s all love here!

Conan Gray
Image Source: Teen Vouge via Youtube

It’s no secret that when it comes to being a musician who’s also a swiftie, that Conan Gray might take the cake as number one. We could reference a million moments where he has called her mom and said Taylor Swift raised him. During Teen Vogue’s ‘Playlist of my Life’ segment, Conan made it a point to say that it could honestly just be all Taylor Swift songs, we feel him there!

Olivia Rodrigo
Image Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram

If Taylor Swift is the queen of pop (she is) then Olivia Rodrigo is certainly the princess of pop! When you listen to what a stellar songwriter Olivia is on her debut record SOUR, Taylor’s influence becomes clear. Pretty much any interview you dive into with Olivia Rodrigo you will find something written about Taylor Swift, she truly has been such a huge inspiration! Taylor herself is a fan of Olivia’s and even sent Olivia and Conan Gray an early copy of some Fearless (Taylor’s Version) tracks to film videos with.

Ed Sheeran
Image Source: Kevin Mazur for Getty Images

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are the best of friends and long-time collaborators. As we gear up for Red (Taylor’s Version), where Ed will return for ‘Everything Has Changed,’ Ed is being asked about Taylor again in interviews. It’s clear as day how much Ed Sheeran admires Taylor Swift and thinks she’s a titan of the industry. In a recent interview, Ed even stated that artists will purposely not release at the same time Taylor is, what can we say? Taylor Swift is the music industry.

Maisie Peters
Image Source: Maisie Peters via Twitter

One listens to what an incredible songwriter Maisie Peters is and you can tell who’s inspired her. The relationship she has with her pen can only be compared to that of Taylor Swift’s. We’ve seen multiple times on Twitter Maisie express her love for Taylor Swift, and the love is mutual! Seeing Maisie lose her mind over this interaction with Taylor Swift definitely certifies her swiftie status.

Camila Cabello
Image Source: Jeff Kravitz for Getty Images

It’s no secret that Camila Cabello has been a long-time friend and super fan of Taylor Swift. She joined Taylor on her Reputation Tour and has countless times talked about how Taylor’s music has been prevalent in her life. Most recently in an interview for Cinderella, Camila Cabello described Taylor as her real-life ‘Fairy Godmother.’

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings For The Honey POP!

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