Tyler Posey Is Taking Over The Pop-Punk World

Tyler Posey Is Taking Over The Pop-Punk World

Is there anything Tyler Posey can’t do? The answer is no! Make a show that we obsessed over for most of our teen years? Check! Make some of the best pop-punk music currently being released? Check! He is the entire package.

If you’re as into Tyler Posey’s music as we are, you’re in luck! He is about to head on the road with another favorite of ours, MOD SUN on the Internet Killed The Rockstar Tour. We are already imagining screaming his newest track ‘Past Life,’ front row at a show.

Stream ‘Past Life’ here!

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Image Source: Big Noise Music Group

We’ve been listening to ‘Past Life’ since its July 16th release, and now we have a video we can watch on a loop as well! The music video was directed and edited by Tyler Posey himself, which adds to our point that he really can do anything! It’s said that the video is meant to represent the brighter side of life that Tyler Posey now feels he’s in. We love the message of being able to turn over a new leaf and have a brighter look at life.

The lyrics of ‘Past Life’ have stuck with us. So many people hit a wall where they feel like there is no escaping from their ‘Past Life,’ Tyler Posey shows on this song that you can be at rock bottom and come back on top. With mental health being at such an all-time low the last year and a half, this message comes at the most needed time.

We simply can’t get enough of what an incredible artist Tyler Posey is, and we are about to get even more new music! On September 8th we can expect his EP, DRUGS, to be available to stream!

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Featured Image Source: Big Noise Music Group

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