Check Out LILHUDDY On the Cover Of FAULT Magazine!

Check Out LILHUDDY On the Cover Of FAULT Magazine!

LILHUDDY is a name we here at the Honey Pop are no strangers to whatsoever. He made a name for himself as a TikTok star, and now he’s showing us so many more of his talents. Whether you’re listening to ‘America’s Sweetheart’ or ’21st Century Vampire,’ you can always tell he gave the song his all. We aren’t the only ones who absolutely love this rockstar!

After announcing the release date for his album, LILHUDDY sat down with FAULT Magazine for the cover. This is the exact type of coverage we all know he deserves, and we’re screaming that he got it! With talent like his, it was only a matter of time, right? (We already know the answer, don’t worry<3)

Image Source: Raen Badua

Here’s Some of What FAULT Learned From Our 21st Century Vampire:

In the interview, LILHUDDY opened up about his struggles with mental health in social media, his transition to the music industry, and so much more!

Being an influencer with a huge platform is insanely draining and can come with battles, but he finds comfort in knowing how far he made it already.

I’ve tuned out the negativity and have learned to be in tune with myself; I remind myself how far I’ve come and how strong I am and remind myself who I am and what I’m doing and why I’m here each and every day.

Image Source: Raen Badua

Remember Self Care!

In addition to working on music, he’s always working on himself, mentally and physically.

I have been working out a lot. I’ve been hanging around a very tight circle of people and keeping all of my closest friends closer. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and I think that’s been a big thing that’s helped my mental health a lot. I have been trying to worry less and trying to do things that I enjoy a lot more.


Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Doing Great Things!

Writing music is a grueling task; trust us, we have tried it, but that doesn’t mean people won’t still criticize the artists that make it. LILHUDDY is no stranger to this reality, but he won’t let it stop him.

I’ve really been working hard to try prove myself each and every day with each and every song that I put out, and take so much more time on my music, and that’s really what I did coming into this. I saw the pressure at stake, and I made sure that I worked extra hard to execute everything that I have here.

Image Source: Raen Badua

Despite coming so far already, he has no intention of stopping this uphill climb anytime soon.

I think that I have shown so much already, but I still have a lot to prove to show the world that I can do it – that I can really have a lot of fun and have a lot of passion for what I do.

Image Source: Raen Badua

Nothing is stopping our love for LILHUDDY and his journey to sold-out arenas! He’s got a dream, and we’re booking a front-row seat to watching it all happen. Hard work always pays off, and we know it’s true for him! Great things are on their way, starting with the announcement of his album, Teenage Heartbreak! You can bet we’ll be listening to every song on September 17th!

Want to take a look at the full feature, we’ve got it right here!

What do you think of LILHUDDY’s feature of FAULT Magazine? Are you excited about his new album? Do you have a favorite LILHUDDY song? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! Don’t have Twitter, send us your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured Image Source: Raen Badua

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