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DAY6’s Young K Blessed Us With The Perfect Solo Debut

DAY6’s Young K Blessed Us With The Perfect Solo Debut

It’s been known for years that DAY6‘s bassist and vocalist, Young K, is an incredibly talented musician, whether it comes to his voice or the music he writes and composes. However, we didn’t expect him to make his solo debut so soon. And yet, here we are, and it is perfect.

Young K‘s first mini-album, Eternal, is everything we expected from him and so much more. From more rock-driven songs to heartbreaking ballads and chill acoustic songs: Young K covered it all in seven songs. And it’s perfection.

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Image source: JYP Entertainment

‘Guard You’

The title track from Eternal is the second song in the mini-album: ‘Guard You.’ One way to describe it would be to say that it truly embodies what Young K is best at – and he’s the best at everything. The rock-driven song carries such meaningful lyrics, as expected from Young K. It also showcases the best parts of his powerful vocals, going from lower tones to higher notes – his range is incredible. ‘Guard You’ is in a way, the wish of forever existing. Its lyrics follow the image of everything falling apart, yet someone being there to hug you and tell you it’s okay. In other words, ‘Guard You’ is the song to reassure you when everything falls apart.

The music video shows exactly that: the end of the world. The production is actually insane, and the cinematography of it all is outstanding. Highlighting Young K’s visuals, the dynamic of the music video compliments the song perfectly. It recreates this image of everything falling apart, and yet he remains standing.

It for sure leaves a mark as a solo debut.


But before ‘Guard You,’ Eternal starts off with ‘Best Song.’ It is so soothing and easy-going, making it the perfect opening song, as it lays the overall vibe of the mini-album. It’s the perfect song to understand just how good of a lyricist Young K is. The love song is based on comparing a loved one to a song, and music in general. It is such a real and wholesome song that feels incredibly genuine.

However, ‘not gonna love’ goes in a whole different direction. One could even say the third track in Eternal is not only very rock-driven but also lowkey inspired by punk. It is sonically a more aggressive track that questions how negative things can be justified because there’s love. It also showcases a brand new side to Young K‘s voice, and he absolutely killed it. And right after, ‘not gonna love,’ is the smooth and calming ‘Microphone,’ featuring Dvwn. The almost all-acoustic track is about being there for someone, listening to them, and being an outlet for them to speak up about their struggles. It is an incredibly heartwarming song and it totally switches the vibe of the album to introduce the three more chill closing tracks.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

Now, this is when this mini-album starts to hurt.

‘want to love’ is a piano ballad that shows Young K‘s impressive vocals the most throughout the entire mini-album. And when we tell you this song is nothing but pain and heartbreak, we really mean it. It feels vulnerable and raw as he sings about desperately wanting to love and care for someone to make them happy. ‘want to love’ is the highlight of Eternal – the feeling it conveys, the pure heartbreak and pain it brings. It is such a powerful and, in some ways, cathartic ballad. This song is an absolute masterpiece.

The following track, ‘come as you are’ is actually the sub-title of Eternal, and yet it is a world away from ‘Guard You’ when it comes to sound. While the title track is more rock-influenced, ‘come as you are’ is a chill track that gives nothing but comfort. Starting off with only a guitar, it slowly builds up in this comforting song that literally feels just like a hug. The lyrics are incredibly heartwarming as they encourage you to not pretend everything is okay and rely on him.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

To close off Eternal, Young K collaborated with Jukjae to create the perfect lullaby: ‘goodnight, dear.’ With not many instruments apart from an acoustic guitar and string instruments, this song is so relaxing and comforting. The smooth and embracing vocals from Young K make this song simply a safe place, and the perfect way to wrap up his first solo mini-album.

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And then there’s no better way to sum up Young K’s first mini-album than with that – Eternal feels like a safe place. Young K may have experimented with different sounds and styles, but it feels incredibly true to him. With Eternal, Young K proves once again he’s a genius lyricist and an incredible vocalist, and simply how he’s talented in every sense of the term. The way he conveys emotions in his music is truly one of a kind. Eternal will make you happy and will comfort you, but it’ll also break your heart in the best way possible. It was everything we expected from Young K and so much more. This and so many other reasons, is why this is the perfect solo debut.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

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Featured image source: JYP Entertainment

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