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Harry Styles Is Back With Love On Tour And He’s Ready To Give Us Love

Harry Styles Is Back With Love On Tour And He’s Ready To Give Us Love

What a time to be alive, everyone! Our favorite golden boy (pun intended) Mr. Harry Styles is back on stage with Love On Tour, having just blown the roof off opening night in Las Vegas and we have lots to talk about! The question is: How are we going to survive this much content for two months when we already cried our eyes out on the first day? We don’t know how it’s going to be possible, but at least we are going to try to survive Harry’s amazing vocals, perfect dance moves, and glamorous outfits. So, stick with us when we talk about our favorite moments from Harry Styles’ opening show of Love On Tour.

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Harry Is Our Friend, Officially

Harry Styles is a talented man with a lot of qualities. He is a musician, songwriter, actor, model, and of course, our friend. Harry’s official merchandise for Love On Tour was available a day before the concert at MGM Grand Garden Arena, before becoming available on the online store, too. And we know it will be the same before the next show too! We should say that our favorite merch has to be the “Harry Is My Friend” hat. However, there is more going on. Harry’s official merch is full of green, orange, and black which made fans think these may be the colors of the new era, since we also saw Harry wearing these colors at the GRAMMYs. But, there is another interesting detail: bunnies. They are on shirts, on tote bags, and were on the screens at the show. So far, we have no idea what these bunnies represent for Harry but we are very curious about it.

The Outfit

Image Source: Harry Lambert on Instagram

Yes, we know and we feel exactly the same. This man really can pull off every outfit in the world and we don’t accept any other opinions on this. Harry chose the perfect outfit for the opening show of his Love On Tour. Styled by Harry Lambert as always, Harry wore a Gucci shimmery pink vest with pink pants. Well, he didn’t have to wear something shiny, to shine on the stage with that presence, but we love it so much! It also made us really excited about the other outfits we are going to see on the tour. However, Harry wasn’t the only one who did justice to his last name; his band also looked fabulous in off-white suits. Outfits are one of the things that we and so many fans are most excited about, and it was a very good start! 

The Setlist And The Opening

The Love On Tour setlist remained a secret until the concert and we held our breath at the beginning of each song. Harry opened the show with a voice recording of him reading an excerpt from his favorite poet Charles Bukowski’s ‘Style.’ And as the ‘Golden’ “la la la’s” began, we knew that the first song was ‘Golden.’ As soon as we saw him on the stage, we started to sob, but this time, James Corden joined us, too!

1. ‘Golden’

2. ‘Carolina’

3. ‘Adore You’

4. ‘Only Angel’

5. ‘She’

6. ‘Two Ghosts / Falling’

7. ‘Sunflower, Vol. 6’

8. ‘Woman’

9. ‘Cherry’

10. ‘Lights Up’

11.’Canyon Moon’

12. ‘Treat People With Kindness’

13. ‘What Makes You Beautiful’

14. ‘Fine Line’

15. ‘Sign Of The Times’

16. ‘Watermelon Sugar’

17. ‘Kiwi’

The Performance And New Live Arrangements

Harry Styles gave Las Vegas everything he’d stocked up during the pandemic. You could literally see how happy he was to be back on the stage, and back with his fans. The smile on his face said it all. He couldn’t stop smiling and kept saying “Thank you.” to his fans between every song, as well as sharing how grateful he is multiple times throughout the show. During ‘Treat People With Kindness,’ he grabbed two Pride flags and waved them around proudly just like he always does, and once again, he gave us the message of how accepting and loving he is, and where his values lie.

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Harry Styles Love On Tour
Image Source: Tumblr

As we noticed, during the pandemic, Harry didn’t lose his amazing moves. He literally “kept on dancing” throughout the whole show. We have been missed him a lot and we were very patient about it, but he literally gave us more than we expected on the first day of Love On Tour already. However, the setlist and the merch weren’t the only things that are new. 

Harry and his band did new live arrangements to the songs ‘Adore You,’ ‘Falling,’ ‘Canyon Moon,’ ‘Treat People With Kindness,’ ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ and ‘Watermelon Sugar.’ The band really did an amazing job to give us an instrumental show before almost every song, and the arrangements were so good that we really couldn’t figure out which song was going to be next, most of the time! Even before ‘Falling,’ Harry literally teased us with the first verse of ‘Two Ghosts’, and then with a smooth transition, he started to sing ‘Falling.’ And of course, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ is worth mentioning. Every time we listen to this GRAMMY-winner song, Harry doesn’t fail to surprise us with the changes. 

The last song of the show was again ‘Kiwi’ just like Live On Tour and yes, he did his iconic whale. We screamed, believe in us. Also, we should say that slipping over on stage, on night one of the tour, is a very Harry move! We love him. 

We Missed Those Fan Interactions!

You can’t imagine a Harry Styles tour without beautiful, heart-warming fan interactions. It was one of the things that the fans were most excited about. During the show, he didn’t forget to check out some fan signs. We got him mouthing his reaction to fans, and sometimes you could just see the reaction on his face. In the end, we learned that Harry Styles is a dog person.

Image Source: Tumblr

As we can see from the first show of Love On Tour in Las Vegas, Harry Styles came back very strong and he is so ready to give us two hours of love. We really missed this man so much and couldn’t be happier that he is back. 

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What was your favorite moment of the first show of Love On Tour? What are you looking forward to most for other shows? Tell us in our comments, and over on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! Also, special thanks to the Harry Styles fan Discord server for helping us with this article. To find the Harry Styles server and more fan servers filled with your people, don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive from here!

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