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The Bees Knees Ends Summer In A Good Way!

The Bees Knees Ends Summer In A Good Way!

Summer is ending slowly, but we still have amazing music for you this week! Get your streaming platforms ready for some soul love and some rocking tracks, with a few grooves! The Bees Knees has got exactly what you need to feed your cute night outs watching the stars! At THP, new music is always near us.

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Willow Kayne – ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’

Lots of new artists have emergde lately and Willow Kayne is the one to watch at The Bees Knees summer bash! We can say she’s the female Yungblud with that authentic raw punk energy. Are you tired of the online trolls? Yes, we are and Willow Kayne is too. She tackles them on the new single ‘I Don’t Wanna Know,’ co-written with Oscar Scheller. She rocks with attitude with a rebel punk twist we all admire. Power to the people!

Cyber relations are quirky, but let’s focus on ourselves first. Do you think about the lyrics and how sarcastic they are? Willow Kayne is our new funny and harsh poetry creator that could be branded as the new Avril Lavigne. She’s a breath of fresh hair with her fast-paced vocals, erratic guitars and stomping drums. Any fans of female-led post-punk, this one is for you! Yell your heart out and sing along to ‘I Don’t Wanna Know.’ First, stream and download it here.

Yebba – ‘Boomerang’

Get your grooves on with the mystic new track from Yebba, ‘Boomerang.’ The Bees Knees’ summer is not over with the singer’s video escapism. She teamed up with Miley Cyrus collaborator Ilsey Juber, along with Tommy Brenneck and Mark Ronson on the track. It excitedly teases the album, which is due for release on September 10th. We’re also happy to know that her previous single ‘October Sky’ will be part of the party.

What you have done to me I swear to you, it’s gonna come back like a boomerang” Yebba sings on the radiant chorus. Are you imagining revenge when you’re angry? The singer-songwriter reflects on how karma can hit back in our thirst of pay back. Sometimes, we have to make choices. We don’t know what to do, so we just hope that the person who made us suffer will get the punishment they deserve! It’s like a ‘Boomerang.’ The consequences always comes back around. The vocals from Yebba trick our hearts and soul with psychedelic rhymes and congo beats. Get your hands on Dawn and enjoy the orchestral manips she worked on with her fire team here!

NUUXS – Heirloom

When we think about NUUXS, we float into some kind of alternate universe. She knows how to make the dirty ‘Laundry’ with her sweet pop vibes, getting into the steps of Nina Nesbitt’s melodic sensibility. She’s the queen of the ‘Modern City’ with her energetic dance loops that merge into voluptuous rhythms. Heirloom is a delicious plate to take on stargazing late nights. Love is around the corner with these Zara Larsson and Dua Lipa-infused harmonies and high notes. NUUXS serves our high musical expectations with her irresistible vocal experimentations. She does it amazingly on her latest track ‘Part Of Me.’ We always have a part of us that needs to scream and shout about our dark times!

Speaking up is a relief sometimes. The track explores in curious bridges and fairytale synth-pop loops, some parts of the singer’s adventures. Produced with the help of Ed Sheeran collaborator, Jake Gosling, Heirloom and ‘Part Of Me’ are the jams The Bees Knees will keep on the radar for a long time. We’re so addicted to the originality of songwriting and instrumentation. Hurry up and stream or buy Heirloom and the single ‘Part Of Me’ over here!

Childe – Childe Mixtape

Since the first day, we fell in love with Childe‘s music. Earlier this year, we had the chance to hear his debut EP that you can stream from these various platforms. We love how comforting his music is to us! His new mixtape proves it again with the mix of R’n’B, slow pop and classical strings. He mesmerizes us with his piano ballads with such calm grooves. The British singer-songwriter also included in his wonderful melting pot of songs, the up-tempo remix of ‘Child’ by Crackazat. The producer transformed the song into an electro masterpiece.

The rework’s chill vibes and basslines bring us to a whole different world. The melancholia is still there, but it’s taken over with bopping beats. ‘Child’ remix is that track we recommend on The Bees Knees summer bash this week, if you love the experimentations of Thom Yorke, intertwined with the finest DJ works like Bonobo or Floating Points. Get the track here! If you crave more check out the mixtape on Childe’s SoundCloud page!

POLINA – ‘Faena’

Did you know that this next The Bees Knees’ summer featured artist wrote for some of the greatest artists in the world? Indeed, POLINA penned a couple of hits for Katy Perry, Rihanna and Eminem! “It took one look in your eyes/To know I’m in paradise/You’re like a star in my mind,” croons the Los Angeles-based singer on ‘Faena.’ Get into a romantic trance with the electronic loops. It’s instant love at first sight with the beats and the ravish vocals from POLINA. She flirts with the notes so naturally. It captivates us from beginning to end. Inspired by life in a 5-star luxury hotel in Miami, the South Beach Faena Hotel draws a portrait of the late-night musings and fun times when we don’t have to worry about anything. Escape in your own ‘Faena’ world here!

Shiragirl- ‘Antisocial Media’

The girl power movement is back! Pop or punk, girls rock at The Bees Knees summer bash! Did you hear about Shira? She is an accomplished musician. She’s also the founder of the Gritty In Pink association, which fights for gender equality in the music industry. Rock on! Shiragirl released a powerful new single, ‘Antisocial Media.’ Hitting our brains with all the flesh and bone of a Pretty Reckless song, the track speaks up about how the Internet and apps took over the world by storm. It changes how relationships are perceived.

Now, all that matters is “Follow me, like me, tags me, shares me. Filter me, mention me, love me MORE” as Shiragirl delivers fiercely on ‘Antisocial Media.’ When these interactions are becoming more important than ourselves and our real-life friendships, it’s time to question our state of mind. The noisy energy of the song and its enticing melodies reminisce a lot of Paramore‘s infectious punk guitar riffs. Crave for more? Get more info on Shiragirl here!

Jules Buckley – The Breaks

Breakdance anyone? This lit choreographed dance style could be easily recreated with the drive of Jules Buckley, Heritage Orchestra and Ghost-Note. The Breaks is the perfect party kickstarter with the funky drums and the twilight zone retro samples. Are you feeling down and need some cheer-up soundscape? Jules Buckley’s collaborative album is what you wish for! Fifteen tracks of pure positive fun!

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Do you love Bruno Mars hits? Relive the whole history behind hip hop and soul. Shake it all and get an amazing mix of beats. Enjoy the good vibes, the brass ensemble that spreads magic around and keeps your feet moving. It’s ‘September’ as Earth Wind And Fire would sing, and this Jules Buckley, Heritage Orchestra and Ghost-Note team-up will fire up your disco! You should especially take note of their rendition of Babe Ruth’s classic ‘The Mexican’ with the help of Mattiel. Enter the rhythm jungle and sweat your heart and body out! Want your physical or digital copy of The Breaks? Get your own by clicking here!

Sheva Elliot – ‘Land Of The Free’

We close down this edition with some fresh air with newcomer Sheva Elliot. On September 10th, she’ll release ‘Land Of The Free’ for all our sisters and brothers out there. The California-born singer-songwriter pleads about unity and speaks up about “What have we become” in America. She dreams of a better world as Janis Joplin did in the past. Sheva Elliot’s ‘Land Of The Free’ is that deep inspiring adventure through love, support and hope for change.

Her voice shows an incredible synergy with the melodies, harmonizing perfectly with the bass guitars and the lovely piano intro. Vulnerable and soft, her blues tones reminisce of Amy Winehouse in a blink, with a little bit of mystery. The Bees Knees loves it already! The smooth but strong vibes get us hooked. Presave ‘Land Of The Free’ here.

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Which track spark your curiosity this week? Share your thoughts about the songs and albums above with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Wanna feed yourself with more new music? We got your needs fulfilled here!

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