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Jason Derulo ‘Acapulco’ Dreams Are So Real!

Jason Derulo ‘Acapulco’ Dreams Are So Real!

Hot weather leaves us again, but let’s drink to the new music releases and the ease of travel restrictions. Who fancies a trip to ‘Acapulco?’ We should thank Jason Derulo and his cheerful beats on his new single! After giving us a taste of Bollywood on ‘Jalebi Baby’ in collaboration with Tesher, we fly to a whole new world with his latest track ‘Acapulco.’

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Crazy Love!

Jason Derulo’s ‘Acapulco’ video starts in the middle of a storm. The singer and some friends are stuck on a floating safety boat in the middle of the ocean. The storm grew up and the bunch of friends found themselves on a lone island. Can we say they landed on The Love Island? The Florida singer finds his “Sexy Mona Lisa” as he hints to us on the track opening. With similar vibes from Usher’s ‘DJ Got Us Falling in Love,’ our minds pump to the disco rhythms.

You’re just a little loco/Emotions like a yoyo/But I love you that way,” Derulo croons on the viral dance chorus. We all have different personalities. Sometimes, some of us are quieter or crazier. People should accept us the way we are. We walk in a jungle of emotions on ‘Acapulco’ and it’s beautiful. The video teaser reached more than one million views on TikTok. More than 500 000 people used the instrumental version as a background sound on the app! Jason Derulo is smashing it!

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Some Kind Of Paradise!

The American singer knows how to entertain us with his moving beats and superb choreographies. Along with its colorful and happy tones, it’s not easy to resist to jive to Jason Derulo’s ‘Acapulco.’ The singer got several strings to his bow because he’s not only making catchy music but also has several projects going on. He created his comic character on UZO’s graphic novel out on October 31st. You can preorder your copy here.

He’s also serving some tasty ideas with One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant in partnership with Los Angeles Jack In The Box’s restaurant chain. Does it make you hungry? We are! More details on the menu and how to order can be found here! Music, food and good reads are some kinds of paradise, don’t you think? This new Jason Derulo song will be high on our charts. The bop of the century? Maybe! Stream and download ‘Acapulco’ from wherever you are in just one click over here!

Is ‘Acapulco’ your dream destination? Tell us what you think about Jason Derulo’s new track! Connect with us through Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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