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5 Reasons Why IPSY Is Worth The $13 Subscription

5 Reasons Why IPSY Is Worth The $13 Subscription

Want to look and feel like the absolute queen you are, but don’t want it to break the bank? Want to receive cute, glamorous bags to hold all your essentials?

We recommend using IPSY!

IPSY is a beauty subscription that sends sample/travel size beauty products from makeup to hair, to nails, and even skincare! The company sends subscribers super cute Glam Bags with top-of-the-line products. Here are a few reasons why you’ll slay while being an IPSY customer!

1. IPSY’s Beauty Quiz

IPSY’s purpose is to make sure the products you are getting are what you ACTUALLY want. Their beauty quiz helps experts chose the right products that are created just for you.

The quiz questions go from what your skin tone is, which products you use most often, what brands you want to see often, and more. This quiz is short, sweet, and straight to the point. From there, the IPSY team hand-picks products that you want to incorporate into your daily routine.

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2. The CUTEST Bags!

Packaging these days sometimes is better than the product, and IPSY gets an A+ for their amazing Glam Bags. The bags are PER-FECT for whatever adventure you may go on. From vacations, staycations, or everyday use!

3. Top-Rated Beauty Brands

What’s better than using some of the most well-known beauty brands for a huge fraction of the price? (Hint: the answer is nothing).

Brands such as BenefitTarteNARSThe BalmToo Faced, and more work with IPSY, so you can feel like a beauty queen with these great products.

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4. Sending A Bag to A Friend = Getting Rewards

After being SUCH an iconic and loyal customer to IPSY, they give your friends/family the chance to get their own glam bag FOR FREE.

And guess what? You get points for every bag that ships that can be used for free products. (Yeah, you read that correctly. FREE).

We support saving that cash for more important things like Harry Styles’ Tour!

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5. The Price For A Glam Bag? Immaculate.

So, you’re telling us all these great items only cost $13 a month???? UNHEARD OF! And… FREE SHIPPING!!

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If you aren’t feeling yourself one month or want to take a break, IPSY gives its customers the option to skip a month or cancel at no cost.

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Now, there’s no excuse to not try IPSY.

Start your subscription today!

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