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Baek A-Yeon Celebrates 9th Anniversary With New EP!

Baek A-Yeon Celebrates 9th Anniversary With New EP!

Baek A-Yeon is back with her fifth mini-album Observe and a music video for ‘0%,’ the title track of this EP! The mini-album features an instrumental version of ‘0%’ and four other summery songs that suit A-Yeon’s dreamy vocals. Observe comes out ahead of Baek A-Yeon’s ninth anniversary as a K-Pop solo artist on Sept. 10 this year. She was supposed to release the EP in July, but it had been delayed a few months due to rising cases of COVID-19 in South Korea.

As a soloist, Baek A-Yeon has released five extended plays and ten singles. She started her career as a contestant on the first season of K-Pop Star, where she placed in the top three, alongside Park Ji-Min and Lee Hi. A-Yeon signed with JYP Entertainment shortly after the show, where she will stay until the end of her contract in 2019. Baek A-Yeon did not renew her contract with JYP Entertainment and signed with Eden Entertainment in December.

Here is a brief look back on the past nine years with Baek A-Yeon!

Baek A-Yeon EP cover
Image Source: Eden Entertainment via Twitter


On Sept. 10, 2012, Baek A-Yeon released her debut EP I’m Baek with a total of five tracks, including the lead single ‘Sad Song.’ She hits us in our feels right from the jump! On Dec. 15, she released her first original soundtrack (OST) ‘Daddy Long Legs’ for the K-Drama Cheongdam-dong Alice.


In 2013, Baek A-Yeon recorded the OST ‘Introduction to Love’ for When a Man Falls in Love and ‘Tears Are Also Love’ for Goddess of Fire. She released her second EP A Good Girl on June 17 with the catchy and upbeat title track ‘A Good Boy.’ Yes, we are still listening to this bop!


In May, A-Yeon released the OST ‘The Three Things I Have Left’ for Angel Eyes. Two months later, she released ‘Morning of Canon’ for the drama You Are My Destiny.


Baek A-Yeon released her first single and self-composed song ‘Shouldn’t Have’ featuring Day6’s Young K on May 20, 2015. The lyrics talk about feelings of regret following a breakup. ‘Shouldn’t Have’ reached number one on several Korean music charts a month after its release! She also hosted her first solo concert in August, titled Whispering The First Story.


In May of 2016, Baek A-Yeon released a digital single album, consisting of the self-composed and self-written lead track ‘So-So,’ a song about mediocre and unfulfilling romantic experiences. Girl, tell us about it! ‘So-So’ secured the top spot on all major Korean music charts within a day of its release!

Later that year, she recorded an OST called ‘A Lot Like Love’ for Moon Lovers: Scarlet-Heart Ryeo and a holiday single ‘Just Because’ featuring JB. But that’s not all! A-Yeon also hosted her second concert titled Whisper, Whisper – The 2nd Story in 2016. What a busy year for this solo artist!


A-Yeon’s third EP Bittersweet was released on May 29, 2017. The EP contained six tracks, with the lead track ‘Sweet Lies’ featuring The Barberettes, a vocal trio. While Bittersweet did not have the same success on the Korean charts as her previous albums did, Billboard included it in the top five K-Pop albums of 2017 (Critics’ Picks). That’s huge!


Baek A-Yeon’s fourth EP Dear Me was released on Nov. 21 with the emotional title track ‘Sorry To Myself’ and five other songs. Her angelic voice suits ballads so well. Later that year, she was confirmed to have landed a role in Korea’s first virtual reality (VR) musical film Anna, Mari, which won Korea Creative Content Agency’s 2018 “VR Frontier Content Project” award.


2019 was the year of K-Drama OSTs for A-Yeon! She released ‘Always Be With You’ for the drama Encounter, ‘Story of Us’ for Anna, Mari, ‘Just Go’ for Doctor John, and ‘Hello My Lover’ for Vagabond. On Sept. 16, it was announced that Baek A-Yeon’s contract with JYP Entertainment had ended, and she announced that she had joined Eden Entertainment in December.


Her first two releases with her new agency this year were digital singles: ‘Looking for Love’ and ‘I Need You.’ Baek A-Yeon also recorded the OST ‘Wherever’ for The Spies Who Loved Me. ‘I Need You’ is a tear-jerking song about missing someone and waiting for them to come back only to realize they are gone for good.


This year, A-Yeon releases her fifth EP Observe on Sept. 7. The title song ‘0%’ talks about wanting to lie around and do nothing because your social battery is at zero percent. We at THP can relate to this so much!

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Observe is an album you listen to without skipping any song because they are all so good! A couple of our favorite songs are called ‘Imagination’ and ‘Day Dream.’ Baek A-Yeon’s voice is so soothing and enchanting, and these songs make us feel like we are in a safe space.

Baek A-Yeon EP concept photo
Image Source: Baek A-Yeon via Twitter

It has been a while since A-Yeon released an EP, and we hope that Eden Entertainment allows her to put out even more projects! To many more years with Baek A-Yeon!

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Featured Image Source: Eden Entertainment via Twitter

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