Chase Atlantic x Maggie Lindemann: A Collab We Needed

Chase Atlantic x Maggie Lindemann: A Collab We Needed

When we say that we stayed up all night to hear the original version of ‘OHMAMI’ in full, we mean it. It’s safe to say we did the exact same thing this time around too. Chase Atlantic x Maggie Lindemann’s collab for ‘OHMAMI’ had us on the edge of our seats. It was worth every minute because the song did not disappoint one bit. (We didn’t think it would anyway.)

Chase Atlantic x Maggie Lindemann
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We were hooked from the moment we saw Maggie post on TikTok about the possible collab. Can you really blame us? Talented artists combining is what we at The Honey POP live for. We hit pre-save and waited for it to drop, as we hope you all did too!

The composition, the lyrics, the production, and everything else that went into this track is phenomenal. We have no doubt that this song is gonna be something we think about at random hours when we should be adulting. You can’t hold it against us, it’s a good song!

Image Source: Samantha Simmons

Maggie’s Verse is Stuck in Our Heads!

As if the original verses weren’t replaying in our heads, Maggie’s beautiful voice has just joined the choir. We aren’t complaining, because her verse was a great addition. It’s almost like her voice was made to sing on this track! (We’re still obsessed with the original, so don’t expect us to choose.)

Her wordplay in her verse is so incredible, and we can hardly believe this was originally just a hypothetical concept. Some things are just written in the stars, and this collab is one of those things. It’s like Sugar and Spice, bread and butter, Harry Styles and Gucci, some things are just meant to be together.

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Chase Atlantic Chose Well!

This collab is absolutely magic, and they know it. It’s like they read our minds here at the Honey POP because this is exactly what we needed to start off fall the right way. We can only hope for more collaborations to come in the future. (Pretty please, we’re obsessed!)

We have to give a round of applause to Chase Atlantic and Maggie Lindemann, because without them, this collab would be a fever dream. We’re glad it isn’t because this song has been added to every playlist we could think of. We can’t wait to blast it through our speakers whenever we can!

Image Source: Chase Atlantic on YouTube

We can go on for days about how much we love this track, and trust us we want to. (We’re clearly huge fans.) This song gave us yet another reason to stan Chase Atlantic, and Maggie Lindemann as if we needed more to love about them. Talent is basically coming out of their pores, and we wouldn’t mind it if they shared some.

Have you heard ‘OHMAMI’ with Maggie Lindemann yet? Are you as obsessed with the song as we are? What’s your favorite lyric? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on Twitter at @TheHoneyPop. If you don’t have Twitter, you can tell us over on Facebook or Instagram!

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