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Stereophonics Oochya! Is Coming With A Bang!

Stereophonics Oochya! Is Coming With A Bang!

Do you wish to ride to the highway of rock’n’roll? Welsh rockers Stereophonics have been part of the industry for a quarter of a century and we are so happy that their twelfth album is coming early next year! The band still energizes us with their wonderful songs. Stereophonics Oochya! arrives March 4th, 2022. In the meantime, we can enjoy brand new sounds on the single ‘Hanging On Your Hinges.’ Put your big heels on, smash your guitars, and dance!

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A Rock Explosion!

You got love on your side/But you think it’s gone away/You got the devil on your back/And who’s the sinner? Who’s the saint?” Kelly Jones blasts in his microphone with such allure! We are far away from the good old melancholia of ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ or ‘Just Looking’ but we love this musical evolution. Inspired by the legends of 70s rock’n’roll, the band explodes with their energy! They proved it many times with their infectious guitar riffs and big stage attitude! They know how to entertain the crowd. From their originals to their covers, they have this sparkle in the melody that we can’t escape! Here’s a little souvenir from 2007 when they covered ‘Gimme Shelter’ by the Rolling Stones in a magical way!

Pump Your Stereo!

Like their compatriots The Joy Formidable, Stereophonics’ guitar aesthetic is worth the hype! We’re buzzing to the good vibes and raw heavy thumps created by Jamie Morrison on drums. Darker than ever, the band brings this music that stings our hearts and lets us loose. We expect lots of hectic guitars and staccato beats on Stereophonics’ Oochya! and we are counting the days to hear the full album.

So far, ‘Hanging On Your Hinges’ is that rock’n’roll venture we all need. It’s the perfect party and road trip song! The instruments howl in a feel-good mood and we cannot wait to hear them on tour soon. Get your tickets here! Don’t miss their special shows with the legendary Tom Jones and young rockers Catfish And The Bottlemen on December 18th at Cardiff Principality Stadium. It’s going to be a blast! Listen and download the new single ‘Hanging On Your Hinges’ here. Don’t forget to preorder your copy of Stereophonics Oochya! in many formats here.

What makes you excited about the album? Will you attend the special December show? Let us know your thoughts about Stereophonics’ Oochya! and connect with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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