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The Wanted Are Back And Better Than Ever!

The Wanted Are Back And Better Than Ever!

It always feels like forever when a band breaks up and every day their fandom hopes for a reunion. The Wanted are no different. After seven years of solo projects and silence, they’re back with a bang.

The British/Irish pop band rose to fame in 2010 when their two singles from their debut album The Wanted made it into the UK’s top 10 singles charts. From there on, their popularity grew and they even had a reality TV show called The Wanted Life which was broadcast on E! in 2013. They’ve sold 600,000 albums and two million singles in the UK, as well as being nominated for 14 World Music Awards, two BRIT Awards, an American Music Award, and an MTV Video Music Award!

The Hiatus

Their announcement in 2014 of a hiatus struck their fandom hard as they all left to pursue solo projects. Members Max George, Tom Parker, Jay McGuinness, Siva Kaneswaran, and Nathan Sykes found their feet in various places such as reality TV, music production, acting, modeling, and of course, solo music. Jay mentioned that “it really gave us perspective” as they spent time apart; Siva and Jay living in LA while the rest of the band resided in the UK.

The press event that announced their reunion was launched on a Wednesday, a normal day for some people, but for the band’s fanbase who call themselves “TWFanmily,” it was a significant day. The Wanted used to create weekly vlogs and would upload them on a Wednesday, thus being dubbed “Wanted Wednesday” and so, it was only right to announce their comeback on that very day.

An Album Announcement

Their biggest announcement (aside from their reunion of course) is their Most Wanted Greatest Hits album which will be released on November 12th. It will feature all their greatest hits, personally selected by them, along with some new tracks to really get us in the mood for the next stage of The Wanted’s music career. When asked if they had any disagreements about choosing tracks for the album, Jay said that they “had no arguments,” although they joked that they wanted to call the album “Greatest Hits and Walks Like Rihanna,” a dig at their 2013 single which although was successful, perhaps is not as loved as some of their other tracks.

There was mention of a new single in the pipeline, written by Max. Siva mentioned that it was a “true representation” of who they are now. 

When asked about their time apart, Max said he “loved being part of a group” and that his time on Glee really highlighted that for him. Tom told us it was “fun being back together and it’s like nothing’s ever changed,” with Nathan adding that it was “lovely being back.” Their banter and jokes certainly proved that as the atmosphere was full of excitement. 

…fun being back together and it’s like nothing’s ever changed.

Nathan Sykes

There were many questions surrounding timing, and Nathan revealed that they’d only been planning their comeback properly for about three weeks before the announcement. Tom was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2020 and so Nathan said “it feels like the right moment.” With their album on the way, they also announced that they’d be joining Tom in his set at the Stand Up To Cancer event on 20th September at The Royal Albert Hall in London. They’ll be sharing the stage with other big names such as Liam Payne, McFly, KSI, Sigrid, Becky Hill and more.

Future Tour?

They also mentioned plans to tour in the future much to the delight of their fans, as well as having plans to collaborate with other artists too, mentioning that they’ve only previously collaborated with Pitbull on climate change awareness single ‘Have Some Fun.’

So the future looks bright for fans of The Wanted. With 5.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and one million tickets sold globally, we can expect new music, a new tour, and more.

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In-article Image Sources: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey POP, and The Wanted Official Album Artwork via Instagram

Featured Image Source: Elizabeth Motley for The Honey POP

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