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9 Of The Best VMA Performances

9 Of The Best VMA Performances

We all love the VMAs. Filled with glamour, beauty, and talent, we find our new obsessions with music! Every elite artist in the industry has had a VMA in their hands and we love watching the new talent taking it as preciously as the legends did. Filled with joy, Video Music Awards are also loved for their amazing performances! And we can never take our eyes off once the magical moments hit the stage like a storm and leave us all hypnotized by the talent and love given by the artist! Here are some of the artists who gracefully walked into our playlists with their beautiful and dynamic performances AKA nine of the best VMA performances for you!

‘Like A Virgin’ By Madonna

One of the princesses of the pop that never leaves her fans disappointed and we love her with all our heart! Madonna made her appearance at the 1984 VMAs in a beautiful white wedding gown, on the top of the wedding cake like a doll as if she was always meant to be there! We all skipped a heartbeat looking at her beauty looking like a real bride with beautiful flowers in her hands! She sings ‘Like A Virgin’ one of her top hits with all her heart making her performance one of the best with her charm and maybe even something borrowed blue!

‘Dynamite’ By BTS

Everybody is head over the heels in love with BTS and we have always been a part of it all along! Every song they released has made the headlines, people hum it and worship their talent and ARMY is just the perfect puzzle piece that made BTS who they are! We all love the boys and all of their performances, but what always stood out was them performing ‘Dynamite,’ their most addicting song ever at the 2020 Video Music Awards! ARMY just fell in love with their dreamy boys all over again and we are sure to say that it is worth watching a million times.

‘You Belong With Me’ By Taylor Swift

OMG! Taylor nailed this performance. Guess she was blessed with the confidence and pride that she possesses and we are more than happy that she has kept them intact till now! She was just a teenager when she performed at VMAs 2009 and gave us all such a dynamic performance, she lured all the people around and took us by trance to make them all Swifties. And here we are, after 12 years, by her side! Tay-Tay performed her all-time classic ‘You Belong With Me‘ from the NYC subway station with all her fans and we all can cry about how gracefully she shifted from a subway singer to the top pop star of the era in this performance! It’s just so worth watching, so if you didn’t, you know the link is right here!

‘I’ll Be Missing You’ By Puff Diddy, Sting, Faith Evans and 112 

Such an amazing tribute to all of the people! ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ has always been one of our favorite songs and this performance stands as the best on the record. The way everything starts and settles just makes the peace planted in our nerves spread and we are at peace with this masterpiece. Such calming voices and the lyrics just take us back to the good times and remember how much we all can do! If you haven’t heard this legendary song sung by Puff Diddy, Sting, Faith Evans, and 112, you are missing out on so much, catch up with us after viewing the best by yourself!

‘I’m A Slave For You’ By Britney Spears

The question here is whether we will ever witness another fierce performance like this ever again! Britney just showed us how good she is at what she is doing with this one performance and what made it even more interesting was her ability and wish to interact and perform with the Lion and the Snake on the stage! She proved to be the goddess she was always meant to be. We can say that this was the most amazing performance Briney ever performed and whoever witnessed it, oh, oh, aren’t you just the luckiest of all?

‘God Is A Woman’ By Ariana Grande

Through this star-struck performance, Ariana really convinces us all that God really is a woman, incarnated in her, as herself. The whole performance is so perfectly set in the idea of the last supper with dynamic and strong women at the table. Grande looking godly herself sets the mood with the best song of the year (2018)! Added everything to the plate, major attractions are the background set up which will run chills down your body and the holy voice of hers and the other attraction being her family walking onto the stage holding the hand of the golden star! Her mother Joan, cousin Lani and her grandmother Marjorie, stand there as proud as a price supporting her.

‘Billie Jean’ And ‘Dangerous’ By Micheal Jackson

We can never doubt the king of pop at what he does! Micheal Jackson‘s performances leave us all in a state of shock, how can a man be so perfect at what he does? In these performances to be exact, Jackson shows us his deadly breakdance moves and his world-famous moon-walks as he sings two of his all-time hits ‘Billie Jean‘ and ‘Dangerous.’ As the curtain goes down we see the man standing there alone, we know it then that this was going to be a perfect one-man show! The best part about Micheal’s performances is that he never lets us take our eyes off him, his frequent costume changes and never-ending entertainment make us all think, “How does this man do this?” and these performances are a mixture of all mentioned above!

‘Side To Side’ By Ariana Grande Ft. Nicki Minaj

This has got to be the most fierce and burning performance of all time! Nicki and Ariana just made the whole room burn down and we are more than happy about it. ‘Side To Side’ is already the song that made everyone vibe and shine but this performance just took it to another level! The two strong women portray the strength and power of women as a team on stage and it’s all worth it to watch them do it live! One of the best parts of the performance is Nicki‘s entrance as she came in surrounded by all the men but left with Ari! This screams power and we all love it!

‘Motivation’ By Normani

Normani not nailing a performance? That sounds impossible! Like all the others, she just buried all our souls with this hot and spicy performance! Set in the basketball court, she stuns us with the best 10 seconds single dance performance before the crew adds fuel to the fire that she has already set. The whole idea of this performance is perfectly vast and we can see everyone enjoying it, well, if a person is not, do they even have a pulse? Watch this bomb performance yourself and we will be here if you want to thank us!

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