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Here’s The Proof That Louis Tomlinson Has A Big Heart

Here’s The Proof That Louis Tomlinson Has A Big Heart

We thought we loved Louis Tomlinson and his big heart enough already, but our king keeps proving us wrong every day. We can easily say he is the reason why we wake up with a smile on our faces. And quite recently, the Chorlton-based band, Maruja, did too.

On Saturday, Maruja’s van was broken into, and £6000 worth of gear and equipment were stolen. Louis Tomlinson came across their GoFundMe page and made a generous donation of £4000 to the fundraiser. He even reached out to the band on Twitter and followed them. Thanks to him, the band has raised much more than their goal and can recover their stuff much sooner.

We’re joining Louies worldwide in penning down a we-are-so-freakin’-proud-of-Louis speech (like any other day in Louienation)! What an angel! And this is not the first time Louis Tomlinson has come forward to help, raised awareness, and warmed our hearts. Here are 5 recent occasions where he proved what an absolute gent he is.

The Away From Home Free Festival And Global Livestream

Louis played his first headlining festival mere days ago, giving us all a show we will never forget! Entirely curated by himself, Louis made tickets for this event completely free, simply wanting for us to enjoy our first live show back after the pandemic. The one-day festival hosted nearly 8500 fans, at Crystal Palace Bowl, London. Needless to say, Louis Tomlinson’s gesture made our hearts feel prouder than ever, and we will never shut up about it.

Days later, he put out a Livestream of the same event, along with a mini-documentary, from which we are still recovering. Letting us in on his journey to a career-defining moment with the Away From Home Festival, Louis did not miss any chance to acknowledge his fans as the driving force behind him. Laying down his vulnerabilities and sky-rocketing his way through, being vocal about the undeniable support he receives from his team and us, Louis once again made sure he made this feel like home! He calls us a “passionate bunch,” but let’s take a moment to thank him for being so passionate about his music, his people, and his fans.

Donation To The Fundraiser For 16-year-old Noah Cosby

Earlier this year, Louis Tomlinson liked a tweet by the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team that posted a GoFundMe page for Noah Cosby, who suffered a devastating dirt bike accident. The accident led him to break his back in two places causing paralysis from the chest down. Louis went on to make a generous donation of £5,000 to help Noah with his emergency surgery and intense physiotherapy to be able to walk again. 

Following his noble gesture, more people and fans from all over the world joined in. They started sending Noah love and best wishes and helped surpass the initial goal of £110,000. You can support Noah’s fundraiser by donating to the Cosby’s GoFundMe page here.

Louis Signing “Singer” For Isabella’s CelebSign Of The Week

On 9th July 2021, 15-year-old signer Isabella posted a video of Louis Tomlinson signing the word “singer” in sign language. While it is adorable enough to watch on repeat, small gestures like this go on to show how Louis has a way with them to uplift people and make them feel special, included, and loved. Surely enough, his one video raised ample awareness and encouraged people to learn sign language!

Louis met Isabella, who learned sign language to help her little brother Lucus who has Down Syndrome, on the BBC One Show back in January 2020. He has also appreciated her signing videos, where she teaches sign language for communicating and even signs complete songs. It appears as though they have stayed in contact since then.

Louis Tomlinson’s Historic Live From London Charity Concert

12th December 2020 marks a historic day for Louis and his fandom when he held a Livestream that enticed 160,000 fans globally! Essentially setting the record for the biggest male-artist Livestream that year, Louis donated the profits from the concert between FareShare, Crew Nation, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, and Stagehand. He also gave some of the proceeds to his touring crew.

I want to put on a real show for the fans, with scale and production, creating something special to end 2020 on a positive, upbeat note and raise money for charities that are especially close to my heart. I also want to give my touring crew work and raise some vital money for them, as without my crew, the show literally couldn’t go on.

Louis Tomlinson prior to the Live From London Livestream

Louis Being A Ray Of Sunshine During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic hit us all really hard. Most of us lost a loved one, faced the virus firsthand, didn’t attend school, or lost jobs. We definitely felt drained out mentally, physically, and emotionally. Louis Tomlinson has been a real ray of sunshine throughout these dark times, supporting various charities, the less fortunate, and regularly checking in on his fans.

In September 2020, Louis tweeted in support of a UK-based non-profit called Free My Meal, which connects individuals in need of meals with those that can help with the same. He also retweeted a tweet posted by football player Marcus Rashford MBE urging UK residents to sign a petition to end child food poverty. Louis even recorded a special message for Doncaster, in which he asked everyone to stay positive and safe.

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Throughout the pandemic, Louis has checked in on his fans multiple times, bestowing love beyond mountains and seas, uplifting them with his wishes, and helping cure the lockdown blues. It’s safe to say, Louis made those dark days bearable. When all we needed was hope or comfort, Louis was there to provide both!

It is no secret that Louis Tomlinson has a heart of gold. Over the years, he has supported so many charities, quietly donating to some we may not even know of yet. He is a patron of The Eden Dora Trust, Stacey’s Smiles, and many more that you can read about here.

The next time someone asks us why Louis Tomlinson is our “Sunshine,” we know which THP articles to pull out! How has Louis made a difference in your life? Does he inspire you to give back? Tell us everything in the comments below or tweet to us @TheHoneyPop!

Can’t get enough of Louis Tomlinson? We can’t, either!


Featured Image Source: Joshua James Sowter-Halling

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