Last of the Better Days Ahead: Charlie Parr ‘Everyday Opus’

Last of the Better Days Ahead: Charlie Parr ‘Everyday Opus’

Last of the Better Days Ahead is Charlie Parr’s follow-up to the eponymous album Charlie Parr in 2019. The freshly released record Last of the Better Days Ahead is the refreshing take on classic folksy Americana that too many haven’t heard. And here at THP, we loved every minute of it.

One of the acts this summer that we’ve kept up with, Last of the Better Days Ahead, is a reflection of one’s life.

‘Last of the Better Days Ahead’ begins our journey with an upbeat, resonant melody that captures the spirit of reflection on loss, an emptiness that comes with age. We hear the story of returning back after seeing what was lost at a point far too late. Although it is a lesson we all come to learn, Parr captures the nature of reflection through an intimate delivery, although heavy at heart.

‘Walking Back from Willmar’ is the third track of the album, telling the story of who we know as Tony the Security Guard. A volunteer, loved by the stray dogs, who kept his close friends and family near. We hear hopes of moving to leave, but in the end: there is no dice in moving on out. Yet Tony, like the song, continues on. And we keep rooting throughout.

‘On Fading Away’ is the sixth track of the record, and a devastating reflection on continuing past hardships and walking through a rainstorm. With a gentle melody, we hear the stripped-down accompaniment of guitar with Parr’s vocals that keep us wanting to hear more.

Track List:

  • ‘Last of the Better Days Ahead’
  • ‘Blues for Whitefish Lake,1975’
  • ‘Walking Back from Willmar’
  • ‘Anaconda’
  • ‘Everyday Opus’
  • ‘On Fading Away’
  • ‘817 Oakland Avenue’
  • ‘On Listening to Robert Johnson’
  • ‘Bed of Wasps’
  • ‘Rain’
  • ‘Decoration Day’

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Featured Image Source: Graham Tolbert for Billboard

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