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Lovejoy Asks Are You Alright ? Of Course, We’re On Fire!

Lovejoy Asks Are You Alright ? Of Course, We’re On Fire!

It all starts when a viral YouTuber and young social media sensation Wilbur Soot brought three friends into his musical adventure. Stepping aside from his reaction, memes and life hack videos, the founder of Lovejoy gave birth to this new band earlier this year. With their passion, the band arise from England and was hotly tipped on Billboard Emerging Artists Charts. Yes! They sat on the top 10 back in May! Do you scream of happiness like us?

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Going Viral

Lovejoy’s Are You Alright EP breaks all the records! Can you believe that, on release day, the videos for ‘Taunt’ and ‘One Day’ hit more than 1 million views within 24 hours? Quite an achievement for an indie band, don’t you think? Named after one of Wilbur’s friends, the band peaked at number one on the US iTunes Charts upon the release of their latest EP. Their songs also made the top 100 in the UK Official Singles Chart and we can’t be prouder. Their viral hooks put Lovejoy on the map. We are looking forward to their bright future!

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A Young Prolific Band

The band is currently writing their debut album and they are so prolific. They penned no more than 46 songs already. Really? They recorded a couple of them in Isle Of Wight and other locations. Who’s ready for the Big Bang? In the meantime, we can appreciate the masterpiece that is Lovejoy’s Are You Alright? The EP kicks in with ‘Taunt,’ a song about past relationships. In an early The Vaccines indie-punk aesthetic and The Wombats ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ era, Wilbur Soot and friends reminisce how they felt used by girls to cover insecurities, being annoyed of being asked always the same things and how hate was growing throughout the relation. Despite the virulent theme, the song has such glitter and taste like sugar. The guitar riffs are absorbing our minds and our feet can’t help to dance around.

Dark Waves!

Indie bands rock our world for ages, but Lovejoy tricks our minds with their Bully and Los Campesinos!-infused mixture of bops, strings, and powerful drums! “You could eat the foam from the headrest/You could knock the wind out of my breath/You could kick the teeth into my head/ There’s no cause for concern,” they sing on ‘Cause For Concern’s’ brilliant chorus. It’s like no matter what happens in the dysfunctional relationship, there’s nothing to worry about what will happen in the future. Life comes and goes and even in the middle of a fight, the other half won’t really care. We love the soundscape who reminisce of The Smiths Johnny Marr and its unique guitar chords!

Lovejoy Are You Alright
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The Perfect Bangers!

Lovejoy’s Are You Alright? critics society, similar to their peer Sam Fender. Though they do it with humor and it depicts perfectly on ‘Sex Sells.’ The track tells a story where the girl that the character is in love with goes away to make money. “Cultured man/Venetian suntan/Red wine and club bands/Viagra pills on the nightstand/How’s it feel?/How’s it feel to be so loved?” the band slams on the third verse. As Baby Queen, they aren’t afraid to talk about harsh subjects with these light melody tones. Fans of mid-2000s indie music like the band’s major influence, Arctic Monkeys, or Sunderland’s Futureheads will love the arrangements on ‘One Day.’ Produced by Cameron Nesbitt, we find a little bit of punk, a little bit of brass, and synths. Then, you got the perfect banger! Lovejoy’s Are You Alright? is just the beginning of a smashing career! Let’s rock!

How boosted do you feel right now? What is your favorite track from Lovejoy’s Are You Alright EP? Are you excited about the upcoming songs? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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