Royal Blood ‘Hold On’ To Their Positive Thinking!

Royal Blood ‘Hold On’ To Their Positive Thinking!

Be ready, brave, and boulder! That’s the message written on the board in the conference room when we click play on the new Royal Blood’s ‘Hold On’ video. Their new album Typhoons takes the rock world by storm and we are excited about the future! The Brighton duo knows how to be loud with lots of positivity!

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A Little Bit Of Self-Control!

“I know your worlds shaking, body and mind’s breaking/Catch yourself, don’t fail to the ground
Life is hard when you’re losing, nothing easy’s worth doing/Save yourself, don’t give up on me now,
” Royal Blood’s ‘Hold On’ preach in one of the verses. We got to take matters into our own hands and control what we can! We sometimes fall into the ‘Limbo’ of negative thinking but escaping the ‘Oblivion’ is not easy. The British duo’s latest album Typhoons is a therapeutic innovation. Vibe to the loud guitars, big beat electronics, and stormy drums! They raised their sounds to a new level! Fans of Don Broco heavy thumps will love it as well as the glitter disco fever admirers. The new album is the perfect mix of both worlds. Do you want to learn more? Watch the track-by-track exploration below.

Just ‘Hold On’ To Positive Thinking!

Royal Blood’s ‘Hold On’ visuals feature and is directed by Colin Hanks. Talent is in the family for Tom Hanks’s son and Dexter and Fargo actor. He personifies Roy Boulder, a motivational speaker in a therapy session. Will you attend his reunions? Maybe? But it’s not the case for Arctic Monkey’s Matt Helders and Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme who make a cameo in the quirky video. Will the exercises and wise words convince us?

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Rock’n’roll Confidence!

Let’s try our best and believe in how we can make our lives better. It may not be easy. There will always be some skepticism, but let’s go for the super package and try to listen to what the others can teach us! The Brighton boys will take the matter over in a couple of months. Indeed, we can’t wait to experience it live on tour! The band hit the European and UK stages in 2022 and you don’t wanna miss it! Choose your venue and get your pass to a rock’n’roll night here!

What would you say in front of a small crowd to motivate them? How do you ‘Hold On’ to the difficulties? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Feel for some more banging rock’n’roll tracks? We got your fix here!


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