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SMiZE Cream Wants You To Crave For A Delectable Treat ‘All Night Long’

SMiZE Cream Wants You To Crave For A Delectable Treat ‘All Night Long’

Tyra Banks Lionel Richie Smize ice cream

Do you have SMiZE Cream on your mind? Are you longing for those luscious sweet sensations on your tongue? Don’t worry! We are here to save the day with a scrumptious SMiZE SURPRIZE just for you!

We have sweet news for all ice cream and music lovers that will make you cravings go All Night Love! Gourmet ice cream company SMiZE Cream has recently unveiled its newest and most luscious flavor, All Night Love, in collaboration with legendary musician Lionel Richie. It is the perfect companion for all-night snacking sessions on Friday nights, weekends, or on the days when ice cream is your best friend.

Tyra Banks Lionel Richie Smize ice cream
Image Source: All Night Love by SMiZE Cream; Photo Credits: Massimo Campana

Tyra Banks launched SMiZE Cream this summer with flavors so delicious you will want to reach for more than a scoop. SMiZE Cream is one of the finest premium ice cream brands infused with excellence and creativity. Every luxurious serving of SMiZE includes an exciting edible surprise, the SMiZE SURPRiZE, which opens up a world of tasty adventures!

Smize Icecream Tyra Banks
Image Source: SMiZE Cream via website

Tyra Banks’ SMiZE Cream ice cream line features Lionel Richie’s new sweet, creamy, and crunchy flavor, developed by Dr. Maya Warren, who previously developed flavors and offerings for Cold Stone Creamery. It is a tasty twist on Richie’s ‘All Night Long,’ one of his all-time classic hits. Although the legendary singer has so many accolades under his belt, this latest collaboration is a standout. Tyra Banks and Lionel Richie met on the set of his music video for ‘Don’t Wanna Lose You’ and immediately formed an instant friendship bond. So this collaboration was a foregone conclusion, of course. Furthermore, this is a wise business move since Richie has a diverse and loyal fan base worldwide who will undoubtedly support this venture.

What can I say, it’s ALL NIGHT LOVE! I am so happy to have some of my favorite hometown tastes featured in my very own SMiZE Cream flavor. It’s been fun to work with the incredible Tyra Banks and to be able to share this special treat with everyone.

Lionel Richie

All Night Love is Lionel’s homage to the delicious flavors he grew up adoring, making it a creamy and dreamy recipe. Vanilla Ice Cream is swirled with Midnight Cookie Crumble, topped with Salted Caramel Ribbons, and finished with Milk Chocolate-Covered Fudge Hearts to honor Richie’s love songs. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Our sweet tooth can be satisfied by nothing better than this. Several celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Garcia, and Stephen Colbert have their own flavors of ice cream; Lionel Richie is the latest to join this elite club.

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Tyra Banks Lionel Richie Smize ice cream
Image Source: Lionel Richie and Tyra Banks via SMiZE Cream; Image Source: Massimo Campana

The brand uses loads of creative touches to put an exuberant spin on its premium ice cream. Delicious flavors, adorable packaging, and fun SMiZE SURPRiZES await you with each unwrapping of SMiZE ice cream. With Lionel’s recipe, a butterscotch cookie dough delight comes along that feels so inviting that you will want to keep licking your fingers. The All Night Love container offers QR codes that direct consumers to videos featuring Tyra and Lionel or a dynamic illustration that comes to life through Augmented Reality.

Just like us, Tyra is also an avid Lionel Richie fan, and she was so thrilled to collaborate with him.

I have been a lifelong Lionel Richie fan. His stratospherically popular music transcends everything and I’m so excited everybody will be able to enjoy SMiZE Cream’s All Night Love, our new super luscious ice cream flavor inspired by Lionel’s musical genius and vivacious personality! His music and presence light up any room. And now, Lionel’s delectable ice cream flavor will light up your palate!

Tyra Banks

SMiZE Cream’s shop is situated in Santa Monica, California, and the company now offers nationwide shipping through its website. As self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseurs, the flavor is so delicious that we are obsessed and approve of this finger-licking flavor with ten stars! Dive in, baby!

Tyra Banks Lionel Richie Smize ice cream
Image Source: All Night Love by SMiZE Cream; Photo Credits: Massimo Campana

Do you have your luscious scoop of ice cream yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Order this delicious flavor right now while scrolling through our sweet content at The Honey POP, exclusively for you. Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or let’s continue the conversation by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Massimo Campana via SMiZE Cream website

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