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6 Things We Love About Lee Hi’s New Album!

6 Things We Love About Lee Hi’s New Album!

Lee Hi is back with her third studio album 4 Only! This will be her first studio album release since she signed with AOMG, a hip-hop and R&B record label founded by Jay Park. Since Lee Hi joined AOMG in July 2020, she has released two singles: ‘HOLO’ and ‘For You’ (feat. Crush). She was also featured in ‘Bittersweet’ earlier this year, a song with SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Wonwoo.

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Lee Hi has released two studio albums under her previous agency YG Entertainment, which were titled First Love (2013) and Seoulite (2016). We at THP can’t believe she hasn’t released a full album in five years!

4 Only has a total of 10 tracks, and each one is a gem! Lee Hi gets to show off such a wide range of music styles in this new album, so here are six things we love about it!

Lee Hi new album 4 Only Red Lipstick mv
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Red Lipstick’ Music Video, directed by Wonmo Seong and Heon Ryoung Yuk

The Title Track

Alright, let’s talk about what a bop ‘Red Lipstick’ is! It’s about letting loose and getting down without having a care in the world. This title track is an upbeat song that makes you want to get up and dance before Lee Hi even starts singing. How fitting!

‘Red Lipstick’ features rap verses by Yoon Mi-Rae, a legend in Korean hip-hop (and rightfully so)! Her flow is amazing, and her rap style is so enjoyable. We’re already busy learning the lyrics to this song.

Lee Hi new album 4 only mv screenshot
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Red Lipstick’ Music Video, directed by Wonmo Seong and Heon Ryoung Yuk

AOMG Cameos

Another thing we love about 4 Only is seeing the members of AOMG make cameos in Lee Hi’s ‘Red Lipstick’ music video! Their interactions are hilarious, and it shows how comfortable they are with one another. We didn’t know we needed to see Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Gray, Loco, and Code Kunst cramming into one elevator and dancing to Lee Hi’s song until now.

Her And B.I’s Friendship In The ‘Savior’ MV

Excuse us while we grab our tissues. Lee Hi and B.I’s interactions in the ‘Savior’ music video are precious, and we can just feel how genuine their friendship is. Knowing that B.I wrote the lyrics to this song makes it even more emotional. Friends are truly our saviors during our darkest moments and lowest points.

The Beautiful Lyrics In ‘Only’

While we’re on the topic of meaningful lyrics, ‘Only’ is a song about lasting love, and Lee Hi’s delivery moves you to tears. It’s about taking steps and performing a dance through life together. It’s about sharing your love with another person even when you’re tired or busy. Being a person’s only love. Oh, what a dream.

Lee Hi’s Soulful Voice In ‘H.S.K.T.’ Feat. Wonstein

Before you ask, ‘H.S.K.T.’ stands for head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and we wouldn’t have known that before looking at the lyrics. This song puts Lee Hi’s signature soulful voice front and center. We love the honesty and intimacy of the lyrics, and we can’t wait for the music video to drop next week!

The Empowering Message Of ‘Bye’

We love it when female artists realize their self-worth, whether that’s in a relationship or any other setting. Lee Hi sings about letting go of a toxic partner and realizing how poorly she’s been treated. Don’t waste your time waiting for them to change. ‘Bye’ also has a funky beat produced by Gray. His songs never miss!

4 Only has shown more sides of Lee Hi and many new styles all around. We’re so happy to see her reach her full potential with AOMG. She looks more confident and relaxed in her music videos.

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Lee Hi has definitely found her groove, and we love to see her surrounded by so many supportive seniors and friends. We can’t wait to see what else she’ll release in the future!

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Featured Image Source: Lee Hi via Instagram

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