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New Music Weekly: Maty Noyes and More!

New Music Weekly: Maty Noyes and More!

Our favorite day of the week is back! New Music Weekly is here and we’re breaking down the best releases of the last week! We’ve got so many genres represented and are ready to dive in!

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Catbells – ‘It’s Not Hard’
Image Source: Marisacheriephoto on Instagram

Stream ‘It’s Not Hard’ here!

Describing Catbells as making “bedroom-pop” makes perfect sense. ‘It’s Not Hard’ feels like the song you’d listen to while laying in bed just really going through your emotions. We imagine in an alternate universe this would be the song Bella listened to in the scene in New Moon where she stares out the window for months.

“It’s a song about that feeling of wanting to run away from all your problems and to be totally free from the past. Not looking back and not feeling the regret of the past. But ultimately it’s about also realizing it’s not possible to really run away…when doing what you want to do is quite hard or even impossible, but feeling like you want to do it is not hard at all.”


Crystal Drake – Sirens
Image Source: Pressed Fresh PR

Stream Sirens here!

If you’re looking for an album with a powerful message, look no further than Sirens. The record has been described as “Celebrating the power of feminine identity and fighting back the oppression that has historically been placed on women, this album could not be timed any more perfect for the conversation around women’s rights, both foreign and domestic, happening today.” Personally, our favorite track is ‘Deep,’ which is the second to last track on Sirens.

Rachel Bochner – ‘ghosted my therapist’
Image Source: un_luckypenny on Instagram

Stream ‘ghosted my therapist’ here!

With so many of us being twenty-somethings ourselves, ‘ghosted my therapist’ is our new anthem. We all deal with so many trials and tribulations, especially the last year, and yet so many of us remain closed off. Rachel Bochner nails what runs through our minds in those moments in ‘ghosted my therapist.’ We’re ready to see Rachel become the next big thing in pop music.

mags – ‘as long as we’re both breathing’
Image Source: petra_kleis on Instagram

Stream ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ here!

We never want summer to end, and based on what a true meant for summer song this is, mags is right there with us. The pure pop perfection that is ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ has quickly worked its way to one of our favorite tracks of the year. There are big things on the horizon for mags.

Tannergard – ‘DNCE’
Image Source: Now or Never Publicity

Stream ‘DNCE’ here!

No, this isn’t a song about the band fronted by Joe Jonas. Instead, it’s your next go-to club song. We can picture it now, a packed club with this song playing and everyone dancing and all things feeling right in the world. Tannergard and Carys Selvey hit this one out of the park.

will hyde – ‘our neighbors.’
Image Source: Pack Records

Stream ‘our neighbors.’ here!

If you’re in the need of some alt-pop music in your life look no further than the newest will hyde track. Throughout ‘our neighbors’ you hear will break down what can only be viewed as the most toxic of relationships. The title comes from the chorus where will hyde expresses his apologies to the neighbors that have to live next to this couple who constantly fights.

Liberty – ‘Troye Sivan’
Image Source: Fickle Binge Records

Stream ‘Troye Sivan’ here!

A tribute to one of the princes of pop music? Say no more! We’re in! ‘Troye Sivan’ is an upbeat, alt-pop track that incorporates nods to the Australian pop-singer as well as straight-up name dropping. We love seeing an artist so inspired by another that they’d write such a beautiful song with them in mind.

Heathersett – Heathersett
Image Source: 59 X Records

Stream Heathersett here!

We are always going to support debut projects! Heathersett is made up of seven songs, and just keeps getting better as you work your way through. Our favorite track hits a little over halfway through with ‘Maple Key.’ This project fits perfectly in our New Music Weekly wrap-up.

Valley – ‘Oh sh*t… are we in love?’
Image Source: Becca Hamel

Stream ‘Oh sh*t…are we in love?’ here!

Can we just say that we couldn’t be more excited for the EP, Last Birthday, that ‘Oh sh*t…are we in love?’ is going to live on! Over the last several month’s Valley has become one of our favorite bands, one listen to this song and it will be clear why that is. They’re making some of the best indie pop out there.

Stephen Sanchez – ‘Until I Found You’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘Until I Found You’ here!

We feel like we’ve been transported to the 60s when huge love songs were all the rage. ‘Until I Found You’ feels like a classic love song that we will love and be talking about for years to come. Truly timeless.

“When I met my girlfriend Georgia, I was in the worst place ever. She was so loving and great to me though. I didn’t feel good enough for that, so I pushed her away. We spent some time apart. She was in Virginia. I was in California. A month before I moved to Nashville, we reconnected over the phone, I drove up, took her on a date, and we’ve been together ever since. I wrote Until I found You to let her know how much I love her, and to let her know I knew how much of an idiot I was when I let her go the first time.”

Stephen Sanchez

Calum Scott – ‘Biblical’ (ASL Version)

We’ve loved ‘Biblical’ since the very first time we listened. It’s such a beautiful song and was only made that much more beautiful with the American Sign Language Version that Calum Scott has released. We would love to see more artists take this approach.

ayokay – ‘I Still Need You’
Image Source: Astralwerks

Stream ‘I Still Need You’ here!

We’ve loved everything ayokay has ever done. ‘I Still Need You’ however, may just be our favorite song yet. Since our first listen we can not even count how many times we’ve allowed this song to be the song we vibe out to. Everyone needs ‘I Still Need You’ on their playlists.

JOY DENALANE – Let Yourself Be Loved
Image Source: Universal Music GmbH

Stream Let Yourself Be Loved here!

Let Yourself Be Loved is a beyond stunning album. We loved it a year ago when the standard version was released and have an all-new appreciation for the songs we’ve been introduced to on the deluxe version. We’re so glad ‘The Show’ was added, it’s for sure our favorite on the record.

Maty Noyes – The Feeling’s Mutual
Image Source: MITS Records

Stream The Feeling’s Mutual here!

Your New Music Weekly just got even better! We’ve got an entire album from your next favorite pop star. Having your debut album be sixteen tracks of pure pop perfection is no small feat. Everyone give Maty Noyes the praise she deserves!

Our favorite song has to be ‘California Palms,’ we need to be driving in through Malibu blasting the track asap.

Oliver Tree, Little Big and Tommy Cash – ‘Turn It Up’
Image Source: Atlantic Recording Corporation

Stream ‘Turn It Up’ here!

What a lineup!! ‘Turn It Up’ is just a good time. This is the song you want to play in a party bus with a bunch of friends, just screaming the words and dancing in the most absurd way. We truly didn’t know we needed these artists to collaborate until now.

See Also

Rudimental – Ground Control
Image Source: Warner Music UK

Stream Ground Control here!

This New Music Weekly wrap up we have an entire Rudimental album to geek out over! One listen through Ground Control, and you will be able to see that this group can’t be boxed in genre-wise. Their collaborators span across every corner of the music industry and make for one of our favorite projects we’ve heard in a long time. ‘Be Somebody’ is our favorite track!

BabyJake – The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now
Image Source: Tyler Borchardt

Stream The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now here!

BabyJake is one of those artists that we fell absolutely in love with the first time we listened. Having an entire debut album from him feels like a dream sequence. We love every single track on this record, with our favorite two being ‘My Anxiety’ and ‘Glue’ which features our girl, Lizzy McAlpine!

morgen – ‘3D’
Image Source: Avoca Drive

Stream ‘3D’ here!

You would never guess that ‘3D’ is only morgen’s second single, you can already tell she has found her voice and knows what she wants to say with it.

“3D’ is about feeling alienated, which is a common theme in my life. Quarantine initially triggered the creation of this song because having to be physically alone while also feeling alone is not exactly ideal”


Baby Queen – The Yearbook
Image Source: Island Records

Stream The Yearbook here!

This New Music Weekly is chalked full of debut projects! And Baby Queen is here to keep the ball rolling with her debut mixtape The Yearbook! After listening through a few times we can’t pick between ‘Narcissist’ and ‘These Drugs’ when trying to decide on a favorite track.

Micki Balder – ‘Lonely’
Image Source: Pressed Fresh PR

Stream ‘Lonely’ here!

If you’re looking for upbeat folk-pop, look no further than the latest Micki Balder track, ‘Lonely.’ This track is acting as our first look into Micki’s upcoming EP, which we cant wait for!

“I think we all get a little bogged down by the sad and lonely parts of life sometimes, and this song was just about crafting a version of hope that worked for the moment, just to get through it.”

Micki Balder

Rachel Fannan and Jacob Miller – ‘Sacred Regard’
Image Source: Pressed Fresh PR

Stream ‘Sacred Regard’ here!

‘Sacred Regard’ may be one of the most beautiful, melancholy songs we’ve ever heard. It’s as though Rachel and Jacob we’re always meant to sing together, their voices blend so beautifully. We love this concept of grieving a missed connection, it is a concept you don’t see explored much.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from our New Music Weekly wrap-up? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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